The Secret Life of Samantha McGregor, Book #2: Beyond ReachThe Secret Life of Samantha McGregor, Book #2: Beyond Reach
Melody Carlson
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After an emotionally draining case, seventeen-year-old Samantha McGregor is ready for a break from the visions that God sends her. But just when her visions stop, her police friend Ebony needs her help solving the case of a possible suicide. Praying for a return of her visions, God listens, and Sam is flooded with flashes of an unknown man jumping from a railroad bridge. Sam doesn't know what this suicide has to do with the case, and now she's worrying about every brown-haired guy she knows: her lab partner, brothers, friends, and strangers all fit the description! Sam learns to trust in God's wisdom and puts her faith in God showing her the way to the right answer in time to prevent another suicide.

 Beyond Reach Discussion Questions: by Melody Carlson


1. Early in the story, Samantha begged God to give her a break from her special gift, but when He did, she got worried. Have you ever asked God to give you a break from something? Explain why and what happened.


2. Why do you think Samantha was feeling stressed when Ebony asked her to help in the Peter Clark case? Should Sam have done anything differently? Explain.


3. Were you surprised at what Sam discovered when she visited the suicide website? What are your thoughts on suicide? How do you think God feels about suicide?


4. If you suspected a friend was considering suicide, what would you do or say to help that person?


5. What do you think about the dating relationship between Samantha and Conrad? What do you like or dislike about it?


6. Did you think it was important for Samantha to talk to her pastor about her unique gift as well as her employment opportunity with the police force? Why or why not?


7. How did you feel about Samantha’s mother when she came home drunk? If you were Samantha, how would you have dealt with it?


8. What were your first impressions of Garrett Pierson? Do you know anyone like him? If so, how do you interact with that person?


9. Garrett seemed confused by a lot of things, including his sexual orientation. But Sam and Olivia pretty much accepted him for who he was. Do you think that was right or wrong? Why?


10. Do you think Sam was taking too big of a risk when she went onto the railroad bridge to talk Garrett down? Why or why not?


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