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Kristin Billerbeck
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Interview, Excerpt

In a fit of short-lived courage, Sarah Claire Winowski flees Sable, Wyoming, for Beverly Hills, where she earns the title "Hairstylist to the Stars." But success isn't very satisfying---and she wonders about the small-town girl she left behind. Can she see through her gorgeous boyfriends, unscrupulous relatives, and an egotistical boss to find the real Sarah? 304 pages, softcover from Integrity.

 Split Ends Discussion Questions: by Kristin Billerbeck

 1.     Have you ever been told you’re a certain kind of person? 


2.     Did you believe it?  Or did you do your best to work against it? 


3.     Sarah Claire’s family is hardly warm & cozy, do you know anyone who overcame their childhood to answer God’s call? 


4.     Sarah’s pursuit of hairstyling provides her with a goal to change her life.  What was the catalyst in your own life that caused you to make changes? 


5.     There are obstacles in any job, how have you learned to distance yourself from the negative voices? 


6.     Sarah’s best friend Kate seems to have it all, but under the veneer of happiness, there are some cracks.  Do you know anyone who lives with the fantasy rather than face their own truth?  How do you think it hinders them in life? 


7.     Sarah’s mother seems to be in constant trouble.  Do you know anyone in your life who is an emotional drain?  How have you balanced a healthy relationship with that person? 


8.     Sometimes our harshest critics tend to be the ones who are there for us.  Is there someone in your life that you appreciate for their ability to say the hard things? 


9.     Sarah can hear the truth in her heart, but she has been treated harshly by the church, as well as embraced by many within its walls.  What could you do to be Jesus to someone in your church now? 


10.  Blaming seems to be the method of choice when we don’t want to take responsibility for the hard things in life.  Sarah could have blamed her mother for her circumstances and stayed within the confines of her small town.  Is there someone in your life that you have blamed for something, when really it was you that allowed that person to invade your world?  Is this something you need to repent for?  



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