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Evolution ExposedEvolution Exposed
Roger Patterson
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The most popular biology textbooks used in public schools today are saturated with references to evolutionary beliefs, which are misrepresented as irrefutable facts. Patterson helps teens recognize and refute the blatant bias toward evolutionism in these books by refuting false ideas with cross-references and summaries of online articles, definitions of key terms, tables, charts, and illustrations. This updated edition of Evolution Exposed now contains a review of a fourth text book. Indexed by topic, 326 pages, softcover.




Why Won't They Listen? Study Guide & WorkbookWhy Won't They Listen? Study Guide & Workbook
Ken Ham
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In as humanistic a society that we have, it's becoming increasingly harder to reach the populations for Christ. What's different now that's making it so much more difficult than ever before? Ken Ham is convinced that the advances of evolution have destroyed the credibility of the gospel message, greatly hindering attempts to evangelize. The solution? Creation Evangelism! Using this workbook/study guide, you can learn even more in depth how the world views the Christian message, how creationism factors into the equation, and practical steps to becoming a better witness for Christ. Every chapter has questions that can be used either for discussion and/or to "fill in the blank"; an answer key is included in the back. 21 pages, softcover

The Evolution-Creation StruggleThe Evolution-Creation Struggle
Michael Ruse

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The evolution-creation debates are heating up again in classrooms around the country. Ruse traces this conflict back to the Enlightenment when two diametrically opposed ideologies arose to do battle over how to define human origins, moral values, and the nature of reality. 320 pages, hardcover. Harvard University.



The Long War Against GodThe Long War Against God
Henry M. Morris
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What does evolution have to do with promiscuity, divorce, crime, and other problems that plague our world today? More than we think! After nearly 50 years of study, creationist Morris presents the history of evolution's "war against God" to reveal the theory's continued assault on our moral and spiritual foundations. Foreword by David Jeremiah. 344 pages, softcover from Master Books.

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Evolution and Ethics: Human Morality in Biological and Religious PerspectiveEvolution and Ethics: Human Morality in Biological and Religious Perspective
Philip Clayton
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Christians frequently resist evolutionary theory, believing it to be incompatible with the core values of their tradition. But what exactly are the tensions between evolution and religious faith in the area of human morality? This book examines the burning question of human morality from the standpoint of Christian thought and contemporary biology, asking where the two perspectives diverge and where they may complement one another. The first volume to bring scientists, philosophers, and theologians together on the topic of morality, Evolution and Ethics explores the central features of biological and religious accounts of human behavior, introducing the leading theories and locating the key points of contention. Central to these discussions are the questions of whether human actions are ever genuinely selfless, whether there is something in the moral life that transcends biological function, and whether one can sensibly speak of an overall purpose to the course of evolution.





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