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Darwin's Plantation: Examining Evolution's Racist RootsDarwin's Plantation: Examining Evolution's Racist Roots
Charles Ware, Ken Ham
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Evolution is a racist ideology. Even the subtitle of Charles Darwin's famous book references "the preservation of favoured races", and many people have been brainwashed to believe that people of different colors are actually different "races" (descended from different ancestors), not just "ethnicities" (variant branches of one main race). This is just one of the ways Darwin's theory has changed how we think and process information. A. Charles Ware and Ken Ham pull no punches outlining how far we have fallen since Darwin published his book 150 years ago. By clearly detailing the fallacies of evolution and the validity of Christianity, Ware and Ham show the biblical model for ethnic relations and the path out of the racist rut of evolutionary thinking.




Can You Believe in God and Evolution?  A Guide for the Perplexed - Darwin 200th Anniversary EditionCan You Believe in God and Evolution? A Guide for the Perplexed - Darwin 200th Anniversary Edition
Ted Peters, Martinez Hewlett
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Named a 2007 Book of Distinction by the Sir John Templeton Foundation.

The special edition of this award winning book celebrates the 200th birthday of Charles Darwin.

Since, even before, the publication of Darwin's seminal work on evolution, science and religion have often been at odds. Even today culture wars continue to rage. How can I be faithful to God and fully enjoy the progress of science? Who is Charles Darwin and what did he actually say? Can you believe in God and evolution? Does teaching evolution corrupt our social values? How can you connect science and faith? Can science be a Christian vocation? So how can we interpret the creation story in the Bible?

Authors Ted Peters and Martinez Hewlett give a balanced discussion of the impact of evolution to help church leaders understand the values at stake. They make the convincing case that Christians can connect their faith in God with a scientific understanding of evolution with integrity.






What's Darwin Got to Do with It? A Friendly Discussion About EvolutionWhat's Darwin Got to Do with It? A Friendly Discussion About Evolution
Robert Newman, John Wiester
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What's Darwin got to do with it? When it comes to evolution, quite a bit! But many people don't understand Darwin, creationism and intelligent design. Here's a book that makes sense of it all!

A group of scholars, teachers, writers and illustrators have teamed up to create an easy-to-read, cartoon-style introduction and critique to this important issue. You'll enjoy the lively and funny conversation that unfolds between two professors and they explore what science can explain about life. You'll find out what logic has to do with it. You'll see whether the changing beak sizes of Galapagos Islands finches prove Darwinism. And you'll enjoy the adventures of Darwinian superstars "Mutaman" and "Selecta." There's more to it all than you ever thought. But this witty and wise book makes it easier to understand than ever before!


Darwinism Under The Microscope: How Recent Scientific EvidenceDarwinism Under The Microscope: How Recent Scientific Evidence
James P. Gills
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Here is an exciting wake-up call to the world that offers shocking scientific evidence that our living systems were designed by a creator and not a fluke of evolution. This book offers helpful and insightful information about what to say to evolutionists. It shows how to present the evidence, facts and truth--right down to the nuts-and-bolts complexity of the cell, which scientists now know cannot evolve. In these pages, readers will also find historical debates between Darwinian evolutionists. This book is written in easy-to-understand terminology for parents, laymen and teachers to use as a resource and tool of explanation.

Darwinism and the Divine America: Protestant  Intellectuals and Organic Evolution, 1859-1900Darwinism and the Divine America: Protestant Intellectuals and Organic Evolution, 1859-1900
Jon H. Roberts

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As Darwinian evolution filtered into American society in the late 1800s, denominations and people of faith were blindsided with ideas foreign to most of them, and the need to deal with this issue provoked various reactions from those affected. While it resonated with some (either overlooking or embracing Origin's racist pretext), it became a struggle for others to put organic evolution into a proper biblical context. Tracing the strain of evolutionary thought through the last decades of the 19th century and showing how it contributed to the denigrating of theological thought in social discourse, Jon Roberts, a professor of history at Boston University, shows how this secular theory impacted the realm of Christianity by examining the thoughts and writings of Darwin's religious contemporaries.

Social Darwinism in American ThoughtSocial Darwinism in American Thought
Richard Hofstadter, Eric Foner

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Are society's disadvantaged doomed to get "selected out" of the economic pool? Is America's social landscape a battleground for the "survival of the fittest," where only the strong endure? Once again, biology is being used to explain human development, and right-wing ideologues claim reluctance to intervene in the "natural" workings of the economy. Richard Hofstadter's now-classic work offers important insight into how ideas borne out of evolutionary theory continue to affect American values. Tracing the impact of Darwin on thinkers throughout the Gilded Age and the Progressive Era, Social Darwinism shows how a politically neutral scientific theory has been adapted with skillful rhetoric to contradictory purposes.

Tornado in a Junkyard  The Relentless Myth of DarwinismTornado in a Junkyard The Relentless Myth of Darwinism
James Perloff
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This work by James Perloff attacks the myth of Darwinism from several angles. With evidence, or rather lack thereof, from the fossil record, Perloff demonstrates that there is no fossil support for evolution, as known by Darwin himself. Other arguments include why mutations cannot serve as the building block of evolution, why chance could not create even one of thousands of essential proteins for life, why radiometric dating techniques are not indisputable methods, and more. This work will serve as a resource for those interested in apologetics, and particularly creation versus evolution.


Darwin's Enigma: Ebbing the Tide of NaturalismDarwin's Enigma: Ebbing the Tide of Naturalism
Luther Sunderland
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Anticipating the rise of anti-Darwinism, Darwin's Enigma contains some of the most compelling data yet available that this anti-God philosophy is built on carefully-constructed lies. By focusing on the very real shortcomings of the fossil record in backing up evolution, the author shows that there truly are more problems than solutions with the theory made popular by a one time divinity student intent on destroying the foundations of Christianity. Much of the author's research consists of remarkable admissions by leading evolutionists concerning the bankrupt nature of the evolution theory. By focusing on the lack of real evidence (that any reader can understand) a powerful argument for intelligent design begins to unfold.

Debating Design:  From Darwin to DNADebating Design: From Darwin to DNA

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William Dembski, Michael Ruse, and other prominent philosophers provide here a comprehensive balanced overview of the debate concerning biological origins--a controversial dialectic since Darwin published The Origin of Species in 1859. Invariably, the source of controversy has been "design." Is the appearance of design in organisms (as exhibited in their functional complexity) the result of purely natural forces acting without prevision or teleology? Or, does the appearance of design signify genuine prevision and teleology, and, if so, is that design empirically detectable and thus open to scientific inquiry? Four main positions have emerged in response to these questions: Darwinism self-organization theistic evolution intelligent design. The contributors to this volume define their respective positions in an accessible style, inviting readers to draw their own conclusions. Two introductory essays furnish a historical overview of the debate.

Darwinian Fairytales: Selfish Genes, Errors of Heredity and Other Fables of EvolutionDarwinian Fairytales: Selfish Genes, Errors of Heredity and Other Fables of Evolution
David Stone
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Even the atheists are realizing that Darwinian evolution is a shell game. Once they let their presuppositions go and look at the matter objectively they start to see the agenda and fallacies behind what is popularly presented. In Darwinian Fairytales, David Stove upends the entire spectrum of evolution - from its foundations through its modern iterations - and, without using biblical supports for his reasoning, attempts to tear down the structure from the inside. While this might not be the best way to refute worldly wisdom, it is at the very least heartening to read about the way non-religious thinkers come at least part way and, while holding no quarter towards an overtly Christian (or in any way religious) perspective, stripping the evolutionary thinkers and writers of the very ammunition that they rely upon, thus leaving them unwittingly defenseless.

NOTE: This book is entrenched in critique of sociobiological dogma, and as such is not the ideal entry-point for students of this issue. Stove assented wholeheartedly to the brilliance of Charles Darwin, but he could not in good conscience let the cracks in the veneer remain unnoticed. The jargon is technical, and the book addresses many genre-specific touchstones that a beginner might be unaware of without a familiarity of the seminal works to which he refers. Also, without a solid scriptural understanding of origins, the casual reader may find himself feeling adrift after reading.


Moral Darwinism: How We Became HedonistsMoral Darwinism: How We Became Hedonists
Benjamin Wiker
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A fresh look at the Darwin dilemma! Digging deep into the soil of the past, Wiker exposes the roots of our moral decline---the ethical theories and atheistic cosmology of Greek philosopher Epicurus. Wiker's analysis demonstrates how Epicurus's materialistic thought continues to influence modern science and culture---and challenges Christians to live out their moral convictions. 316 pages, softcover from InterVarsity.



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