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Your Daily Advent Devotional
December 6, 2013


Bigger and Better
Mary praises God. Luke 1:46-55 NKJV

Explore Before:
Supplies: A magnifying glass
Use the magnifying glass to examine three objects around you (e.g., someone's toe, a cookie, a pinecone).
What happens when you slowly move the magnifying glass closer to the object?
What can you see that you couldn't see before?

A magnifying glass makes everything look bigger—eyeballs, crickets, even M&Ms (don't you wish you could make an M&M bigger?). You magnified the ____ (parents, fill in the blank with the first object you used). You magnified the _____. You magnified the ______. You made them look bigger and better.

Mary magnified God. Not with a magnifying glass, of course, but with her words. She showed how big God is by what she said. Mary stood inside the door of Elizabeth's house, opened her mouth, and magnified God. Mary said...

My soul magnifies the Lord (Luke 1:46 NKJV).

Mary went on to say God is mighty; God does great things; God is perfect; God is strong (see Luke 1:49-51). With every word, Mary showed that God is big. Unlike the things you magnified, God is always big. In fact, no matter how many good things you say about God, they will never be enough. He's that great.

What could you say to magnify God?

You don't magnify people the way you magnify God, but you can also use your words to make people feel bigger and better. Your words can make people feel big, special, and important. Your words can make people feel small, silly, and unimportant.
Your words can build people up.
Your words can tear people down.
Take turns with the magnifying glass. Look through it to the person on your right. Tell her what you like about him or her. For example, you could say "Mom, I like the blueberry pancakes you make," or "You have a pretty smile," or "You're a good hockey player." Hand the magnifying glass to the next person and let him take a turn.

When someone says something good about you, it makes you feel good inside. When other people hear you say good words to them, they feel good inside too. Choosing bigger and better words is better for everyone, including you.

Just for Fun
The Song (or Canticle) of Mary found in Luke 1:46-55 sounds like a beautiful poem. Every word shows how big God is. Early manuscripts call it the Magnificat. Churches around the world today recite these verses during their services.

I Wonder
How big is God?

Prayer to Share
Dear God, I want to magnify You. I want to use my words to show how great You are. You are very _____. Help me remember to make others feel great too. Amen.

It's coming! It's coming!
Christmas is coming!
Only __ more days until Christmas!


Excerpted from:

Used with permission from our friends at Summerside Press.


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