Beyond ScienceBeyond Science
John Polkinghorne

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(PUBCambridge University)"A valuable book which covers the theological implications of modern scientific subjects. Recommended,"---Theology. Polkinghorne, an Anglican priest and particle physicist, considers objectivity, the process of scientific research, the mind, the reality of God, and other vital issues. 131 pages, softcover.

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1Is science enough?1
2Understanding the physical world3
Looking for the answers3
Philosophical debate4
Science's achievement7
Paradigm shifts11
Answering the critics12
Scientific method14
Critical realism18
Best explanation19
3Working together23
Within a tradition23
Handing on the torch25
Rivalry and collaboration26
The search for truth26
Fame and fortune29
The conference circuit33
The ordinary and the extraordinary34
Changing direction37
4Memoirs of the Great39
Paul Dirac39
Abdus Salam41
Murray Gell-Mann42
Richard Feynman45
Stephen Hawking47
5What happened to the human mind?53
Bridging the gap53
Examining the phenomena54
Thought experiments56
Dualism and monism59
A place for the soul61
Personal identity61
The computer analogy66
Some 'pre-Socratic flailing about'69
6What does it mean?75
Blind chance or purposeful Creator?75
Cosmic fruitfulness77
Beautiful equations79
The Anthropic Principle80
A home for life84
The carbon principle87
A philosophical parable88
Many universes89
7Ultimate questions95
The end of the world95
Life's destiny96
The true ultimate99
8Is, ought and wonder103
Value free?103
A moral community105
A comprehensive view107
Ethical values108
The universe as creation112
9Responsible behaviour113
Caring for creation114
Animal rights116
Sustainable life style117
The integrity of creation118
The environment120
Population growth121
Predictive predicament123
Ethical debate124
Science's contribution125
The end of the matter128