LarryBoy and the Bad Apple game for PS2 and Gameboy Advance


Something rotten is going on in Bumblyburg. It seems that the Bad Apple is ensnaring the citizens in her web of temptation. Who can help save the day? Why it’s LarryBoy! Help LarryBoy avoid his biggest temptation and rescue the good citizens. Sooner or later every town needs a hero. Now you can be that hero!


Bumblyburg is preparing to celebrate its 300th year anniversary! Carrying out an event this big requires the combined efforts of several key citizens, but all is not moving along as planned.  City workers need direction, information needs to be communicated, the streets need to be cleaned up, and a 300-pound celebration cake needs to be baked! But the citizens appear to be unfocused, and it is keeping them from being the good citizens God wants them to be. The apparent cause of these distractions may have something to do with the mysterious spider webs that are beginning to show up throughout Bumblyburg. With the mayhem quickly building, and so many unanswered questions looming about, only one person can help the citizens of Bumblyburg pull off the celebration, and find the source of the spider webs. Who is that person? Well, it’s none other than the city’s faithful hero, LarryBoy!

The core theme of the game is “avoiding temptation.” You must help LarryBoy overcome his weakness for chocolate, in order to rescue those who have fallen into their own personal temptations. Unfortunately, The Bad Apple (the game’s main antagonist) is well aware of our hero’s vice and her goal is to prevent LarryBoy from saving the day.

LarryBoy has several abilities that he will need to use in order to avoid temptation, and to help others resist doing what they shouldn’t. LarryBoy must use his cape to soar over danger. Sling shot along the rooftops of Bumblyburg. He will blast away spider webs with his Power Drencher. Our hero will use his SMART Cape to hide from enemies out to tempt him. These abilities will be thoroughly explained by Alfred so that you can quickly begin to have fun using them.

In order to save the key citizens from their temptations, LarryBoy will need to enter into their temptation portals. Each portal will lead to a world with its own theme, based on the lost citizen’s temptation. LarryBoy will travel to the 1800’s to save the Mayor Blueberry. He will step into a world of unbelievable wonder, as he attempts to save Petunia the reporter from her video game fascination. Baker has given into his movie craze, so LarryBoy must find him deep within a world of Science Fiction. Other citizens need rescuing, and only LarryBoy can help them.

In addition to puzzle solving, a large portion of gameplay will involve exploring the environment to find new areas, and hidden pickups. Some areas of exploration may require the use of LarryBoy’s more advanced abilities to reach (e.g. slingshot, or grapple). This will allow players of all skill levels to have more fun searching the game worlds for rewards and hidden items. A younger player could play and enjoy LarryBoy’s world before they are adept enough to master a level or the entire game. In the same time, an older player could take on the challenges right away and/or compete with their friends in mini-games.

Fun minigames that can be unlocked in single-player mode will allow kids to play together with their parents and friends. They can use LarryBoy’s slingshot and gliding abilities to play darts or tic-tac-toe. Friends can sing along with VeggieTales characters, pressing buttons along the way, in music-themed minigames.

Key Features

  • Help LarryBoy save the citizens of Bumblyburg from the Bad Apple
  • Employ amazing superhero gadgets and gizmos to defeat criminals
  • Discover and play over 30 hilarious VeggieTales Songs
  • View humorous scenes from the movie as the story progresses
  • Explore multiple levels and play entertaining mini-games
  • Encounter well-loved VeggieTales characters throughout the adventure
  • Parental “Egg Timer” for easy control for how long kids play
  • “Sunday Morning Values, Saturday Morning Fun!”
  • A value lesson in fighting temptation


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All Rights Reserved.