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Finishing Strong: Going the Distance for Your FamilyFinishing Strong: Going the Distance for Your Family
Steve Farrar
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In a road race it doesn't matter if you stumble at the start or lag behind the leaders. Finishing is what matters! Similarly, endurance means hanging in there for your family and Lord. Learn how to avoid the common pitfalls that knock you out of the race, and you'll "go the distance" with character and honor.

Champions for Life: The Power of a Father's BlessingChampions for Life: The Power of a Father's Blessing
Bill Glass, Terry Pluto
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Through his ministry, Champions for Life, Bill Glass teaches the healing power of a father's blessing in cities, congregations, prisons and schools across America. His message is simple: a father's blessing can give a child the inspiration, reassurance and confidence to live life to its fullest potential. Glass defines a blessing as a gentle touch, a loving hug and a powerful verbal message of unconditional love. Nothing is more rewarding to the giver and the receiver than the amazing, affirming results of a blessing. Glass encourages fathers to reach out to their families, sons and daughters with expressions of love and support. In giving a blessing, we are guided toward our destiny and are able to support our children in living theirs.

The Order of a SonThe Order of a Son
Mark Hanby
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In The Order of a Son, Mark Hanby, author, father, mentor and apostle shows clearly how the anointing of the father is passed down to spiritual sons, helping them to become mature fathers. Without the true ministry of fathers and sons, there can never be a double-portion blessing to continue the Lord's work and the church will most certainly die in the next generations. Hanby emphasizes that it is the mark of ministry that one desires sons and not just followers.

Bringing Up Boys Participant's GuideBringing Up Boys Participant's Guide
Dr. James Dobson
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This 102-page guide provides a Quote & Question section to prepare you for the video lesson, a place to journal while watching the lesson, Scriptures to study, an application section and a try-it-at-home section where you will find ideas based on the age of the boy as well as single-parent tips.

Father to Daughter: Life Lessons on Raising a GirlFather to Daughter: Life Lessons on Raising a Girl
Harry H. Harrison Jr.
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Anchored in values and filled with clear and simple words of wisdom, this small book speaks large truths about loving, teaching, and shaping a daughter. Its lessons, leavened with humor, will encourage and reassure Dad--from the day his daughter is born, through school and sports, boys and cars, until it comes time to let her go.Chunky 4-inch square book has 378 colorful pages with wise and pithy sayings about fathers and daughters.



Boy's Passage - Man's JourneyBoy's Passage - Man's Journey
Brian D. Molitor
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Parents do their best to equip their sons with all they need to succeed: nutrition, tuition, transportation, lectures, and love, all liberally supplied. Surely this is sufficient for young men to prosper.

Or is it?

Brian D. Molitor contends that boys and young men must be guided into manhood by design rather than default---without guidance, a boy's transition from childhood to manhood is dangerous and confusing. In this celebratory and hopeful book, he shares how he implemented the principles of lifelong mentoring, intentional blessing, and rites of passage in the lives of his own sons and how you can do the same for yours. He offers creative suggestions on how you can use these principles to design and implement a positive plan for your son's development so he'll become the man God created him to be. In Boy's Passage - Man's Journey, Molitor shares:

  • How to lead your son into manhood by design rather than by default
  • How you can counteract the hurts and disappointments every boy experiences
  • How rites of passage, lifelong mentoring, and intentional blessing can prevent teen rebellion and provide a true sense of identity for your children
  • Hope and a plan for parents of children in rebellion
  • Ways to help boys avoid the pitfalls that come with adolescence
  • Encouragement and suggestions for single mothers, grandparents, youth pastors, men's ministry leaders, and others who care about the next generation
  • How dealing with pain from your past makes you a more effective parent or mentor
  • The value of turning your whole heart to raising the next generation

    Thoughtful, sensitive, and compassionate, Boy's Passage - Man's Journey addresses the widespread neglect in the training of today's youth and offers creative solutions.

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