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 Developing a Quiet Time

A "quiet time" is simply time spent drawing closer to God. While many Christians affirm the necessity of daily, consistent time set apart for God, putting that desire into practice can be challenging given the daily demands of family, work, and the busyness of life. The following resources provide, sound, practical advice for developing, enriching, and getting the most out of your quiet time with God.


Quiet TimeQuiet Time
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We all long for an ever-deepening fellowship with God. But how do we find it? The mystery is not great. Experience shows that those who are close to God have set aside time each day with him.

Over a million Christians have turned again and again to this classic introduction to daily devotions. Here they have found simple, sound and practical advice on quiet time with their Lord.

A Place of Quiet Rest: Finding Intimacy with God Through a Daily Devotional LifeA Place of Quiet Rest: Finding Intimacy with God Through a Daily Devotional Life
Nancy Leigh DeMoss
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Daily time with the Lord is essential for an authentic, abiding relationship with Him. But so often the details of our busy lives swallow this precious time. A Place of Quiet Rest teaches women how to have a rich, intimate daily devotional life. Featuring personal reflections from Elisabeth Elliot, Barbara Rainey, Kay Arthur, Joni Eareckson Tada, and others, you'll be encouraged to transform your quiet time from daily drudgery to immeasurable delight.

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  • A 30-day Walk With God in the Psalms: A Companion Devotional to a Place of Quiet Rest, CBD Price: $12.99

    Following God Series: How to Develop a Quiet Time, Life   Principles for Meeting with GodFollowing God Series: How to Develop a Quiet Time, Life Principles for Meeting with God
    Eddie Rasnake
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    How would you describe your personal devotional time? Is it in a dry spell of religious reading, or is it a refreshing encounter with the presence of God? How to Establish a Quiet Time: A Forty Day Journey isn't about religious ritual or duty. It is all about building a more intimate, enjoyable, and satisfying time with the Lord. It is a forty-day adventure in making your time with God more meaningful and satisfying. On the other side of those days lies a radically different relationship with God.

    Quiet Time features forty daily devotional readings designed to challenge your thinking and prompt your meeting with God. Each day, you will see truths from Scripture to ponder, guided prayer to help you know what you want to talk to God about, and personal application to facilitate life-change. Each daily encounter is woven into six weekly themes including:

    • The Principle of Pursuit
    • The Principle of Adoration
    • The Principle of Conviction and Confession
    • The Principle of Thanksgiving
    • The Principle of Faith
    • The Principle of Supplication


    Alone with God: A Practical Plan for Dynamic DevotionsAlone with God: A Practical Plan for Dynamic Devotions
    Jason Janz
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    In Alone with God: A Practical Plan for Dynamic Devotions, Janz shares his journey toward understanding that daily private worship has as its basis the building of an intimate relationship with the Lord. His book combined with the Alone with God: Daily Journal offers a practical, interactive approach to this special time, and includes directions for reading, prayer, and praise. Janz's insights and simple program will help any Christian engage in daily devotions that are vibrant and rewarding.

    Feeding Your SoulFeeding Your Soul
    Jean Fleming
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    God, creator of all that is, will meet with you. God, ruler of universe upon universe, will meet with you. The book of Exodus promises this six times.

    But do you have to be on a mountain top in a cloud of smoke to meet with God? How do you make meeting with Him a relationship-building experience rather than a daily ritual?

    Discover the answers to these questions and more. Meet God for the first time, revive your times with Him, or help someone else discover the intimacy of time with God through Feeding Your Soul. Learn to make space in your life for God, persevere in dry times, create enriching quiet times, and overcome obstacles. Whether you're just starting a quiet time or in need of refreshing, intensify your relationship with God by Feeding Your Soul.


     Guided Quiet Time Resources

    The following resources provide guidance to help you dig deep into the Bible during your quiet time. The questions and suggestions for prayer will give you a practical and relevant means to not only explore what you are reading but also apply it in life.


    Quiet Time Bible Guide: 365 Days Through the New Testament and PsalmsQuiet Time Bible Guide: 365 Days Through the New Testament and Psalms
    Cindy Bunch
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    Do you want to discover the riches of Scripture? Do you want to draw closer to God? Based on IVP's bestselling LifeGuide Bible Study series, the Quiet Time Bible Guide helps you dig into Scripture for yourself, developing a deeper and stronger relationship with God in the process.

    Instead of being told what the Bible says, you'll begin with questions to put you in a worshipful frame of mind. You'll move on to interpretive questions that help you explore what the Bible says, and then consider application questions to help you act on what you learn. Suggestions for personal prayer conclude your time of worship and study---and launch you into the rest of your day.

    Millions have benefited from the thoughtful experience of Scripture found in IVP's LifeGuide Bible Studies. This material was adapted from those guides and originally published as The NIV Quiet Time Bible. Now 365 of the studies, leading you through the New Testament and Psalms, have been gathered together in one volume again.

    Whether you're new to the idea of quiet times or you've enjoyed them for years, the Quiet Time Bible Guide provides you with a fresh opportunity to read all of the New Testament and Psalms in one year---and draw close to God every day.

    The Quiet Time CompanionThe Quiet Time Companion
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    Down through the years, those who have been close to God have met with him daily. The Quiet Time Companion can help you begin and make the most of your own daily meetings with God.

    Offering a fresh approach to Bible study each week (with eleven different approaches in all), this book will help keep your quiet times stimulating and challenging. You'll learn a variety of Bible study skills that will last a lifetime!

    With The Quiet Time Companion, you'll gain a thorough overview of the whole Bible as you move through two years of structured and unstructured meetings with God. Each week you'll find five Bible studies designed to occupy about twenty minutes daily. These include:

    • whole book studies overviewing major themes
    • detailed studies of short passages
    • topical studies on important aspects of the Christian life
    • character studies of fascinating people in the Bible
    • word studies of key biblical concepts
    You'll also find suggestions for activities and projects to give you a change of pace each weekend.

    Divided into eight sessions of thirteen weeks each, The Quiet Time Companion can also be used easily by small groups and Sunday school classes. Here is a great opportunity to get started meeting with God every day!


     Quiet Time Music

    Instrumental music can often enhance your quiet time with God. Whether timeless hymns or original arrangements, instrumental music in the background soothes the soul, quiets the mind, and relaxes the body.


    Living Room Sessions Piano FolioLiving Room Sessions Piano Folio
    Chris Rice
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    There's something about those old hymns we used to sing in church when I was growing up. I don't hear them much any more, but when I do, it takes me back. Back to more innocent days when we (my brothers and my friends and I) would sit in a pew on Sunday morning, trying with everything in us not to snicker or snort during the prayer. I can still hear the offering plates being passed, and the sound of a congregation rising to their feet and sliding hymnals out of the backs of pews. Remembering warmly those days, I have arranged and performed some of my favorite hymns on my piano at home. I hope that as you spend soem time with these hymn arrangements, they will help you rewind to more innocent days and renew your spirit with the memorires and thoughts of God that molded your own heart along the way. --From the Foreword

    Our Daily Bread, Volume 1: Hymns of the Morning CDOur Daily Bread, Volume 1: Hymns of the Morning CD
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    This soothing collection of inspirational hymns and songs of worship is designed to enhance your quiet moments with God. Includes "What a Friend We Have in Jesus," "Holy, Holy, Holy," "Great is Thy Faithfulness," and more.

     Also available:

  • Our Daily Bread, Volume 2: Hymns of the Day CD, CBD Price: $8.99
  • Our Daily Bread, Volume 3: Hymns of the Evening CD, CBD Price: $8.19
  • Our Daily Bread, Volume 4: Hymns of the Night CD, CBD Price: $8.19
  • Our Daily Bread, Volume 8: Hymns of Prayer CD, CBD Price: $6.49


     Daily Devotionals

    Many Christians utilize a daily devotional in their quiet time. Typically providing a Scripture verse and an accompanying meditation that can be read in just minutes a day, these devotionals can form a jumping off point for further thought and reflection as you seek to apply what was read to your own life. Perhaps the best-known daily devotional is Oswald Chambers' classic, My Utmost for His Highest.


    My Utmost for His Highest, Updated Edition in Today's EnglishMy Utmost for His Highest, Updated Edition in Today's English
    Oswald Chambers
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    This edition of Oswald Chambers' My Utmost for His Highest combines the readability of the modern NKJV edition of the Bible, with the timeless wisdom of Chamber's bestselling classic devotional in readable, easily understood, up-to-date English. Featuring daily insights on everything from adversity and assurance, to worry and worship, My Utmost for His Highest will help you to apply biblical truths in today's modern world. Includes complete subject and Scripture indexes, along with 366 timeless, inspirational devotions, and a forward from Charles Stanley.

    Pathways to His Presence: A Daily DevotionalPathways to His Presence: A Daily Devotional
    Charles F. Stanley
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    Even more appealing than the charm of a trail through the forest, the serenity of a stroll by a river, or the inspiration of climbing a mountain path are the spiritual pathways to God's awesome presence. Pathways to His Presence reveals Dr. Charles Stanley's keen understanding of your deep longings for a clearer view of God's will for your life.

    The spiritual guidelines of the Word explained in this devotional offer practical truth and inspiration for everyday living. The daily readings reveal biblical solutions to the desires and fears of those who feel they are stumbling along faintly lit paths of life.

    If you're longing for the blessings God promises to those who walk with Him, Pathways to His Presence will lead you in the direction to capture them in your everyday life.

    The One-Year Book of Family Devotions, Volume 1The One-Year Book of Family Devotions, Volume 1
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    So, you're looking to begin (or freshen up) your family devotion time. Tough assignment. But here's a boost for parents of 6 to 10 year olds. This previously released success has been updated for even more impact. You'll find everything you need, including ...
    • a year's worth of delightful stories
    • a Bible passage from the New Living Translation printed on each page
    • a "How about You?" section to personalize the lesson
    Since the Scripture passages are printed right with the stories in the readable New Living Translation, this book is all you'll need. We've even included a "key" at the end of each devotional that summarizes in three to five words how children can apply the lesson. And because the stories all come to us from CBH Ministries---the Children's Bible Hour, you know your kids will listen again and again.


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