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PDFMath PDF Downloads: The Old Schoolhouse Magazine Resources

Download your favorite resources from The Old Schoolhouse! Their planners, Molly's Money-Saving Digest, and homeschool resources have provided a wealth of tips, help, and advice for homeschoolers, by homeschoolers!




LitGd PDF Downloads: Literature Study Guides

Learn to truly think about what you're reading with Lit Guides! Focusing on two or three chapters at a time, each section contains "before you the read the chapters", vocabulary building, chapter questions and language activities. Teacher suggestions for bulletin boards, centers, pre-reading activities, and fine art activities are provided, as well as a synopsis, author biography, student assignment checklist, and answer key. Build critical thinking, reference, reading comprehension, and other grammatical skills as you study the plot and characters.




PDFMath PDF Downloads: Math Workbooks

Ensure your students know the real-life value of math! Integrate a problem-solving focus into your math classes, practice drills for mastery, help struggling or advanced students make the most of class-time, and ensure students are ready for standardized testing. Find downloadable, straight-to-your-computer math workbooks that cover elementary through upper-level concepts.




LA PDF Downloads: Language Arts Workbooks

Help students master language arts skills with downloadable workbooks that target the specific areas where your students could use additional practice. Story starters, sight words & phonics, reading comprehension, Walch Daily Warm-Ups, and other convenient books will help you make the most of class and homework time.





PDFHistory PDF Downloads: History Workbooks

Supplement studies or follow a burgeoning student interest with history workbooks that will help students remember names, places, dates, and important events that have changed the world. Help students learn to use maps, learn about a specific era in world or US history, put on a play, play games, and more!




Geography PDF Downloads: Geography & Social Studies Workbooks

Help your students to master the map skills and geography knowledge needed for history, literature, Bible classes, current events and everyday general life! Workbooks on various countries also help students to gain a worldwide perspective and learn some interesting facts about other cultures. Find the subject and grade level best for your children!




PDFBible PDF Downloads: Bible & Character Workbooks

The Discover 4 Yourself Inductive Bible Studies for Kids teaches children how to find out for themselves what the Bible is all about, and gives them fun and exciting ways to do it. Kay Arthur's series is recommended for ages 9 to 12.





PDFStateHistory PDF Downloads: State History

Everyone has to teach state history! Download fun downloadable lapbooks and state history workbooks to your computer in just seconds. Explore state symbols, songs and landmarks, famous people, geographical regions, timelines of historical events, state-specific background information, history, and more.





PDFSciencePDF Downloads: Reading

Introduce students to basic sight words, phonics skills, and simple stories instantaneously with reading-based workbooks and readers. Help prepare students for standardized tests as well as for a lifetime of reading.





PDFScience PDF Downloads: Science Workbooks

Motivate students with fun workbook pages that can introduce them to a wide range of scientific areas! Perfect for bursts of interest, these PDF-download workbooks can be printed for use with your children. Find workbooks from both On the Mark Press and Walch Publishing.





Stargazers PDF Downloads: Science Texts from Master Books

Download to your e-reader or computer! These PDF-Downloads of some of Master Books' most popular science books gives you anytime/anywhere easy access without lugging around tons of physical books. Perfect for ministry or schooling opportunities.