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Memoirs of an Ordinary Pastor: The Life and Reflections of Tom CarsonMemoirs of an Ordinary Pastor: The Life and Reflections of Tom Carson
D.A. Carson
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Carson's father was a pastor in Quebec during the decades when French Canada moved from the persecution of Baptist ministers to spectacular Protestant church growth and revival. Through the elder Carson's journals plus narrative and historical background supplied by his son, you'll experience a firsthand account of the sacrifices---and sweetness---of serving God. 192 pages, softcover from Crossway.

God's Generals: The RevivalistsGod's Generals: The Revivalists
Roberts Liardon
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Roberts Liardon recaptures God's glory with these compelling spiritual biographies of some of the most powerful preachers ever to ignite the fires of revival. Liardon faithfully chronicles their work, teachings, methods, and spiritual discoveries, allowing the reader to better understand their role and influence in Christian history. The book includes biographies of:
  • John and Charles Wesley
  • George Whitefield
  • Jonathan Edwards
  • Charles Finney
  • D.L. Moody
  • Charles SpurgeonG
  • eneral William and Catherine Booth
  • Billy Graham
Liardon goes beyond the history, drawing crucial life application for the reader from the lives of these mighty warriors. Let these great revivalists inspire your life and ministry!


The Great Awakening: Spiritual Revival in Colonial America--DVDThe Great Awakening: Spiritual Revival in Colonial America--DVD
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Filmed with photographed actors added to composite backdrops, characterizations, stills, and scholar interviews, this documentary DVD traces the unique revival that swept through the 13 colonies in the 1700s. With notes on the historical details of the time, as well as individual preachers such as Whitfield, Edwards, and others, this DVD presents a detailed look at the Great Awakening in America. 35 minutes in color, appropriate for use in homeschooling, Sunday Schools, or Bible Studies.


Renewed by the Word: The Bible and Christian Revival since the ReformationRenewed by the Word: The Bible and Christian Revival since the Reformation
J.N. Morris
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Sometimes it seems as if there are almost as many different Christian churches as there are Christians. But despite widely diverse forms of worship, organizational structures, and biblical interpretations, Christianity over the last several centuries has been shaped by a number of common experiences. Arguably the most powerful and vibrant has been revivalism.
As a movement within Protestantism, revivalism is characterized by techniques of mass organization and leadership; an emphasis on repentance and conversion; and the transformation of lukewarm Christians into fervent disciples. But revival has occurred throughout Christian history and has affected all branches of the Christian Church.
From Methodism in Britain and America and the "Great Awakenings" to the nineteenth-century Catholic and Anglican revivals and the Pentecostal/charismatic movements sweeping many nations today, this book offers a fascinating look at thekey events and people in modern Christian history as seen through the lens of revivalism. Complete with intriguing illustrations and helpful bibliography, Morris's clear and stirring account captures the restless, continually self-regenerating character of Christianity, rooted in Scripture, but lived out in real human communities.


Firestorms of Revival: How Historic Moves of God Happened and Will Happen AgainFirestorms of Revival: How Historic Moves of God Happened and Will Happen Again
Bob Griffin
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Pornography, same-sex marriages, judicial tyranny, drunkenness, physical and substance abuse, and church decline are among the things causing America to unravel. How can it be stopped? How can we take back our nation? Revival.

First, the church must change. We have allowed ourselves to drift into our culture, no longer a transforming counterculture. We merely reflect the value systems and worldview of society and cannot be an agent of change. Many people find the church institutionalized, irrelevant, and inconsequential.

Dr. Bob Griffin comprehensively details how revival always happens and how it will happen again. He points out key components to historic revival, including:

  • Passionate prayer and repentance
  • A return to the priority of worship
  • A period of radical social reform or transformation
There is a clear pattern of revival throughout history. When things turn dark and difficult for God's people and their nation, God tells them what to do in 2 Chronicles 7:14. When God's people obey His instructions, the fire and winds of revival follow.

Continuous RevivalContinuous Revival
Norman Grubb
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Revival by its definition is the process of bringing something back to life. Christians look at revival as a time when they will individually or corporately experience a renewal in their walk with Christ. But, missionary, Norman Grubb, challenges that notion with the concept of continuous revival which he has termed victorious living. Rather than waiting for the Spirit to fall, Grubb contends that the vertical movement of the Spirit happened at Pentecost. Now we seek his movement horizontally in His Temple, the bodies of the redeemed.Norman Grubb,graduate of Cambridge College and missionary to the Congo, was one of the founders of what is now InterVarsity Christian Fellowship.

The Azusa Street RevivalThe Azusa Street Revival
Roberts Liardon
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Historian Liardon offers an in-depth look at events that caused Pentecostalism to become a major force in Christendom. He discusses Phoebe Palmer, the Holiness Movement, Alexander Dowie, Chicago's Zion City, Charles Parham, and William Joseph Seymour. Discover the secrets of a prayer-fueled revival that welcomed the poor, encouraged female leaders, and supported spontaneous worship! 224 pages, softcover from Destiny Image.

A Diary of Revival, DVDA Diary of Revival, DVD
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Take a firsthand look at the great Welsh revival of 1904! Trace the steps of Evan Roberts from coal miner to minister to participant in one of history's most dramatic revivals. Examining the events at Moriah Lougher through letters, interviews, and photographs, this documentary explores God's mighty movement among the people of Wales---and its continuing impact today. 62 minutes.


The Cambuslang Revival: The Scottish Evangelical  Revival of the Eighteenth CenturyThe Cambuslang Revival: The Scottish Evangelical Revival of the Eighteenth Century
Arthur Fawcett
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Scotland's 18th century religious revival will ever be associated with Cambuslang, a parish near Glasgow, where in March 1742 'a spark of grace set the kingdom on a blaze'.

Although this spiritual awakening was common to practically the whole of the English speaking world, probably nowhere else at the time were the facts of the matter more carefully sifted and documented than in Scotland. These first-hand accounts, which have long been unavailable and neglected, provide the main sources for the substance of this volume. In this book the author has made a comprehensive, detailed and not uncritical survey of one of the most important eras in Scottish religious history.

The Welsh Revival: Its Origins & DevelopmentThe Welsh Revival: Its Origins & Development
Thomas Phillips
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This rare book -- published in 1860 as the first comprehensive account of the 1859 revival in Wales -- holds a primary place in the authentic records of periods of remarkable spiritual recovery and growth. The authr was an eye witness of much that he records, and he also gives testimony of other contemporary observers from all parts of Wales. They all shared the conviction that "the Almighty is opening the sluices of grace and pouring out streams of blessings on the churches of denominations.
1859 was unmistakeably a time of profound emotion and of extraordinary numbers of professed converts but the author is not pre-occupied with these things. His greater concern is to show the marks of true Christianity in a time of revival and pre-eminently, the moral change which is to be found in every true convert: 'They are told that excitement is not conversion and that whatever confidence they may have it is a delusion unless it is accompanied by hatred of sin, and a renunciation of it in every shape and form.

Riding the Wind of God: A Personal History of the Youth Revival MovementRiding the Wind of God: A Personal History of the Youth Revival Movement
Bruce McIver
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During the 1940s, in the wake of the Depression and in the midst of WWII, a small group of students at Baylor University began to pray for spiritual revival. They were not evangelists with a program, but ordinary students with a heartfelt concern for renewal in America. Beginning with a single miraculous revival in Waco, Texas, a movement began among students from other campuses and in other cities -- Houston, Fort Worth, Dallas, Memphis, Birmingham, Atlanta, even Honolulu. Riding The Wind Of God tells the remarkable story of the Youth Revival Movement. These stories, written for the first time, reflect God's power at work in surprising places in an extraordinary time.

Revival Year Sermons: Preached in the Surrey Music  Hall 1859Revival Year Sermons: Preached in the Surrey Music Hall 1859
Charles H. Spurgeon
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Here is a book which will enable us to re-examine the character and content of the message which fell with such reviving power upon 'the masses' nearly one hundred and fifty years ago. In these sermons will be found all the marks of true evangelism - the solemn, vigorous, fervent preaching of a doctrinal and biblical gospel. To Spurgeon, the vital thing in evangelism was not the man, nor the methods, but the purity of the message. The sermon that honours God, God will honour.

Revival & Revivalism: The Making and Marring of American EvangelicalismRevival & Revivalism: The Making and Marring of American Evangelicalism
Iain H. Murray
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Essential reading! This historical study traces the landmark changes of revival in both understanding and practice from the mid-18th to mid-19th centuries. More than just a record of the church's past, this volume delves into the distinction between ''revival'' and ''revivalism'' and offers insights that provide a key to understanding contemporary evangelicalism and its deep needs. 455 pages, hardcover from Banner of Truth.

A Cornish Revival                      The Life and Times of Samuel Walker of TruroA Cornish Revival The Life and Times of Samuel Walker of Truro
Tim Shenton
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In this book, the author endeavors to give an account of the Evangelical revival in Cornwall, and to examine it in the light of its central figure Samuel Walker, who, as J. C. Ryle rightly said, 'lived in a day when the very existence of Christianity in England was at stake, and when the main business of true-hearted Christians was to preserve the very foundations of revealed religion from being swept away'.

The Dynamics of RevivalThe Dynamics of Revival
Chip Hill
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A Christian revival of immense proportions is currently breaking onto the world. Many have not comprehended what is involved in such mighty outpourings of the Spirit, and so they fear, dismiss or fight it outright. The time has come for people everywhere to understand and flow into all God is doing as he manifests His glory amidst those of us "upon whom the ends of the age have come." The Dynamics of Revival is for those seeking understanding and historical validation of God's present move. It was written to encourage your own personal revival as well as to stir and renew your mission in this great flood of God's glory.


Azusa Street Revival Centennial BookAzusa Street Revival Centennial Book
Dr. Eddie L. Hyatt, Joel Kirkpatrick
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Pentecostal congregations are among the fastest-growing churches in the world, but modern-day Pentecostalism had an inconspicuous start. It began in a church on Azusa Street in Los Angeles in 1906, spawning the Pentecostal Movement. The first section is a pictorial history of many of the events and people who have been a part of the Pentec.

The section commemorates the 100th anniversary of the Azusa Street Revival and documents the work of the Holy Spirit in America. Section two features profiles of ministries and organizations that have begun since the Azusa Street Revival.

The Azusa Street Centennial will:

  • Chronicle Pentecostalism's growth, highlighting the events and people who have been a part of this movement
  • Look back at the Healing Revival and the Latter Rain Revival
  • Document the rise of the Charismatic Movement, highlighting important developments through the final decades of the twentieth century
  • Clearly outline the difference between Charismatic and Pentecostal churches
Destined to be a collector's item, this book is the definitive resource for a historical, pictorial, and chronological record of the Azusa Street Revival.



D. Martyn Lloyd-Jones
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Revival is the lifeblood of a vital church. Without the fervor revival brings, the church cannot accomplish its mission in the world. Yet today's church is rife with apathy. How can revival be rekindled? Clearly and forcefully, Dr. Lloyd-Jones describes the circumstances which produced past revivals, discerns why each generation needs revival, and shows how revival will come about today. 316 pages, paper from Crossway.


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