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Living on the Devil's DoorstepLiving on the Devil's Doorstep
Floyd McClung
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Just an ordinary young couple from American suburbia but they dared to dream that they could make a difference. Their dream took them all over the world: first to the backstreets of Kubal, Afghanistan and later to the bright lights of Amsterdam's red light district. Share their adventures, their heartaches and their joys as they reach out to people in need; sharing their home with hippies in Kubal or working among addicts, prostitutes and diseased in Amsterdam.
 Central Asia
Yun: The Illustrated Story of the Heavenly ManYun: The Illustrated Story of the Heavenly Man
Brother Yun, Paul Hattaway
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Based on Brother Yun's phenomenal autobiography, The Heavenly Man, the black-and-white graphic novel Yun tells the dramatic story of how God took a young half-starved boy from China's Henan Province and enabled him to stand strong on the frontlines for Jesus, braving horrific opposition and impossible odds. Drawn and inked in authentic style by Chinese illustrators, this life-changing work is co-authored by Paul Hattaway.
A Guide to Remembering Japanese CharactersA Guide to Remembering Japanese Characters
Kenneth G. Henshall
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A Guide to Remembering Japanese Characters is the first book in English to explain systematically and in detail the true origin of each of the General Use Characters - the 1,945 characters prescribed by the Japanese Ministry of Education for everyday use. One of the main features of this new text is that the first 996 characters, officially designated Educational Characters, are arranged in grades according to the six-grade system used in Japanese schools. Since these grades are based upon a combination of frequency and importance, those who wish to study only the first few hundred characters will know that they are covering the most useful ones. It is hoped that A Guide to Remembering Japanese Characters will remove much of the mystique surrounding characters and thus make them more familiar, accessible, and easy to remember for the Western person, be they academic scholar, student, or general reader with an interest in Japan and its language.
Divine DesperationDivine Desperation
John Hurston
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Have you ever asked yourself--what difference can I make in this world? John Hurston shatters the notion that one person can't effect change in a nation or the world. Join him in the jungles of Africa, the cities of Korea and the ravages of Vietnam, and experience divine desperation. In a practical format ideal for personal or group study, this hero of the faith--the man whom Dr. Cho calls his mentor--shares timeless insights that will equip you to do more for God than you ever dreamed possible. You can make a difference!
 Indian Sub-continent
 Southeast Asia
Christian Heroes: Then & Now--Adoniram Judson, Bound For BurmaChristian Heroes: Then & Now--Adoniram Judson, Bound For Burma
Janet Benge, Geoff Benge
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The Christian Heroes: Then & Now series chronicles the true stories of ordinary men and women whose trust in God accomplished extraordinary deeds for his kingdom and glory.

As America's first foreign missionary, Adoniram Judson thirsted to see the Good News brought to the shrouded land of Burma. His thirst would be quenched, but at an unimaginable price. Adoniram survived starvation, imprisonment, and torture both on land and at sea only to watch his family, coworkers, and friends succumb to death.

For ages 10 and up.

Adoniram Judson: God's Man in Burma
Adoniram Judson: God's Man in Burma

To the Golden Shore                           The Life of Adoniram
To the Golden Shore The Life of Adoniram

Adoniram Judson: Dangers on the Streets of Gold,  Trail Blazers Series
Adoniram Judson: Dangers on the Streets of Gold, Trail Blazers Series

Tears of My SoulTears of My Soul
Sokreaksa Himm, Jan Greenough
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"Lord God, I have tasted enough bitterness in my life." Sokreaksa was a young member of a large family in Siemreap City, Cambodia. When the country fell to the Khmer Rouge on April 17, 1975, his family was forced to join the exodus to the jungle villages. As the young Khmer Rouge soldiers consolidated their grip, the deaths increased. Anyone who complained; anyone educated; anyone an informer dislikes; all were "sent to study" - killed. Teenage boys were brainwashed into amoral, vindictive thugs. Finally the day dawned when the family was marched to a grave already dug in a jungle clearing: one by one they fell as the hoes hacked down. Sokreaksa, gravely wounded, was covered by the bodies of his brothers and sisters. His executioners walked away laughing. That morning Sokreaksa climbed from the mass grave. Hatred burned in his heart. Could he possibly forgive his family's killers?
Filipino Children's Favorite StoriesFilipino Children's Favorite Stories
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Filipino Children's Favorite Stories comprises a collection of well-loved myths and tales from the Philippines. Introducing Maga the giant crab, the god Langit and his beautiful wife Alunsina, Pedro the gentle woodcutter and a host of other intriguing characters, these stories will enchant six to ten-year old readers from all over the world.
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When you are called to the mission field you are not automatically infused with all the knowledge you will need to be effective. There are languages to learn, cultural etiquette to master, religions to understand and Bibles to be translated. has created this resource center for just that purpose. Enjoy!

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Persecution in the News

India Christians
Forced to Flee

In India's West Bengal state, local Christians and missionaries faced death threats for their faith, according to Mission News Network. Fourteen members of a Gospel for Asia church were severely beaten and forced to leave their homes on July 10 [2008], after being accused of forcing conversions and bringing an illness on the village. The mob threatened to kill the believers if they remained in the village. Village leader Negesh Rai brought the matter to the attention of local police, which led to calls for his resignation by protesting villagers. On July 16, the believers were removed to a different area for safety.

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