4-Function Pen #12823 

Easy-to-Follow Operating Instructions

  1. Hold the pen at a 30º backward angle in your hand, with the desired function (i.e. “black,” “red,” highlighter, “0.5” for pencil) facing upward. Press the top button (1) to release the point.
  2. To change functions, press the black button (2) on the top of the clip to retract; then repeat step 1.
  3. To use the pencil, perform step 1 and press the top button (1) two or three times to feed the lead to the desired length.
  4. To replace pen cartridges, unscrew the lower barrel (3) to remove the ballpoint pen cartridge (4) and insert a new one.
  5. To add pencil lead, unscrew the lower barrel (3) and pull out the pencil lead feeding tube (5); insert one 0.5mm pencil lead into the feeding tube. It will load automatically.
  6. Pull off the top button (1) to use eraser.