Angel SongAngel Song
Sheila Walsh, Kathryn Cushman
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Annie's return to Charleston was supposed to be a happy occasion. Instead, she's mourning the death of her sister, Sarah. As she and carpenter Ethan McKinney get the family homestead ready for sale, Keith, her 12-year-old neighbor with Down syndrome, claims he can see angels. Could he be right---or does he have an overactive imagination? 320 pages, softcover from Nelson.

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Sheila Walsh and Kathryn Cushman teamed up to write "Angel Song," an amazing debut novel that has so many profound truths. Angel Song takes you on a heartbreaking/ heartwarming journey. Sheila Walsh very graciously granted us an interview which this very busy lady made us feel as if we were sitting on the front porch having a conversation and she had all the time in the world. I was so in awe and engrossed in the profound truths in her stories that I practically forgot to keep asking questions. One of the many extraordinary pieces of the interview was "You can't botox pain." Wow! What a statement! There were two other points that were missed on tape..."What do you do to get away from it all?" Answer: "I love to go fishing with my son. It's the one thing that forces us to relax and have a nice conversation. It's the time and place when I get the whole story instead of a one or two word answer." The second tidbit missed on tape was that her husband is a designer, hence the reason she used the metaphors of design styles. A very special book and a very special lady! P.S. Angel Song is also available as an audiobook

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