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 C.S. Lewis

Mere ChristianityMere Christianity
C.S. Lewis
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Arguably the 20th century's most influential Christian writer, C.S. Lewis sought to explain and defend the beliefs that nearly all Christians at all times hold in common. His simple yet deeply profound classic, originally delivered as a series of radio broadcasts, is a book to be thoroughly digested by believers and generously shared with skeptics.

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Scots-Irish in the Hills of TennesseeScots-Irish in the Hills of Tennessee
Billy Kennedy
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This is the absorbing story about a race of people who created a civilization in a wilderness and helped lay the solid foundations for present-day America. The Scots-Irish Presbyterians who settled in the American frontier lands during the 18th century were a unique breed of people with an independent spirit which boldy challenged the arbitrary powers of monarchs and established church prelates. 224 pages, indexed, softcover.

Our Most Priceless Heritage: The Lasting Legacy of the  Scots-Irish in AmericaOur Most Priceless Heritage: The Lasting Legacy of the Scots-Irish in America
Billy Kennedy
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From their earliest arrival in America 350 years ago the Scots-Irish left a lasting legacy, a heritage that was firmly grounded in freedom and democracy. The pioneering instinct of this proud race from Ulster and Scotland opened up America from the Atlantic coastline to the Pacific shore - "Sea to Shining Sea." The history of the United States is interwoven with the outstanding personalities from the Scots-Irish diaspora and the distinctive characteristics of a people who pused the frontiers to new horizons.

Three Men of Destiny: Andrew Jackson, Sam Houston and David CrockettThree Men of Destiny: Andrew Jackson, Sam Houston and David Crockett
Bill Kennedy
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Andrew Jackson, Sam Houston, and David Crockett had much in common: their familial/ancestral ties, character, mannerisms, political/social outlook, and how they shaped the fabric of the United States of America all had similar strains of not only the American West, but also of Ulster, Ireland. The 10th volume in a series of Scots-Irish Chronicles which details ties to the 18th century American frontier, this book paints a portrait of these three men as Scots-Irish archetypes-men who lived for Manifest Destiny & mobility, settled in traditional migration/settlement patterns, and rose from humble, relatively uneducated origins to great heights. Chronologies, portraits of the men's wives or mothers, and chapters on the "Ulster Connection" as well as other Scots-Irish American men are included. Readers will find some typographical errors. 199 indexed pages, softcover.


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