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Beorn the ProudBeorn the Proud
Madeleine Polland
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The coast of Ireland in the 9th century is the prey of Viking marauders. Young Ness has been taken captive by Beorn, on his first raiding trip with his father's band of warriors. She must accompany them as they make their way back to Denmark, and so experiences the dangerous tensions and misfortunes that threaten the entire fleet.

The Story of Saint PatrickThe Story of Saint Patrick
Christopher Fay
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Open the pages of this enchanting book and learn about the man who lives in the hearts of all thr Irish. Did you know that Patrick was a Roman citizen? Or that he was captured by the Celts and made a slave for six years? Author James Janda has delightfully blended Patrick's actual words from his autobiography with the legends about him--just enough for young readers to learn about the life of this exceptional man. Recommended for ages 3 to 8.

The Viking Quest Series, 2 VolumesThe Viking Quest Series, 2 Volumes
Lois Walfrid Johnson
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From Ireland's emerald hills to Norway's fjord-bound coastline, Christian kids cross oceans and cultures in the perilous 10th century! When Viking Raiders from the Sea capture Bree and Devin, will they trust God to protect them through their harrowing ordeal? Then can Bree solve the Mystery of the Silver Coins before she's discovered? Ages 10 to 14. Approx. 190 pages each, two softcovers from Moody.
  • Viking Quest Series #1: Raiders from the Sea
  • Viking Quest Series #2: Mystery of the Silver Coins
  • Viking Quest Series #3: The Invisible Friend
  • Viking Quest Series #4: Heart of Courage
  • Viking Quest Series #5: The Raider's Promise
  • Viking Quest Volumes 1 - 5, Paperback



    Saint Brendan and the Voyage Before ColumbusSaint Brendan and the Voyage Before Columbus
    Mike McGrew
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    Children will be astounded to learn that Ireland's Saint Brendan may have made the trip to North America over a thousand years before Columbus. Proven possible in modern times, St. Brendan's maps were even studied by Columbus before his own journey! This full-color picture book weaves together Brendan's personal account as well as legends, following him from birth to his seafaring adventures and back home again. Kids will not only be entertained but also discover a timeless story about following a dream and trusting in God's care. 32 pages, softcover.

    Irish Fairy TalesIrish Fairy Tales
    Joseph Jacobs
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    The captivating Irish stories collected in this new edition include both comic and heroic tales from ancient literature. By turns funny, fantastical and mysterious, the stories are matched in liveliness by the original illustrations; it's the perfect book to introduce children to Celtic storytelling. 232 pages, softcover.


    Francie on the Run, The O'Sullivan Family #2Francie on the Run, The O'Sullivan Family #2
    Hilda van Stockum
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    Young Francie O'Sullivan, from the Irish family we first met in The Cottage at Bantry Bay has had a successful operation in a Dublin hospital, but longs to return to his beloved family in County Cork. He heads out the hospital door, no permission asked, and finds a train--won't any train do? Francie finds himself making a speedy tour in the opposite direction from home, around the Emerald Isle, a journey full of adventure, laughter, and endearing friendships for Francie and the reader. Recommended for ages 8 and up.



    Patrick: Saint of IrelandPatrick: Saint of Ireland
    Joyce Denham
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    St. Patrick is one of Ireland's most beloved saints, known to Irish, Irish-Americans and people all over the world. Young listeners will appreciate the rich greens that fill the watercolor illustrations, and young readers will enjoy reading along with the expressive text. From his early days as a slave to his return as a priest, the story of St. Patrick is one for all children. Recommended for ages 8 and up.

    Red Hugh, Prince of Donegal, Living History LibraryRed Hugh, Prince of Donegal, Living History Library
    Robert T. Reilly
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    It's 1587 and Queen Elizabeth seeks to bring all of Ireland under her iron rule. Only the queen of clan O'Donnell and her carefree son stand in the way. But when he's betrayed and held hostage in Birmingham Tower, young prince Hugh must grow up fast. Can he escape in time to strike a blow for Irish liberty? 202 pages, softcover.


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