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The Story of Saint PatrickThe Story of Saint Patrick
Christopher Fay
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Open the pages of this enchanting book and learn about the man who lives in the hearts of all thr Irish. Did you know that Patrick was a Roman citizen? Or that he was captured by the Celts and made a slave for six years? Author James Janda has delightfully blended Patrick's actual words from his autobiography with the legends about him--just enough for young readers to learn about the life of this exceptional man. Recommended for ages 3 to 8.

Saint Patrick: Christian Encounters SeriesSaint Patrick: Christian Encounters Series
Jonathan Rogers
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The Christian Encounters biography series highlights important lives from all ages and areas of the Church. Some are familiar faces. Others are unexpected guests. But all, through their relationships, struggles, prayers, and desires, uniquely illuminate our shared experience.

At age 14, he was captured from his homeland of Scotland by Irish marauders and taken as a slave to Ireland, where he lived for six years tending his master's flocks. In his early twenties, he fled over 200 miles and escaped by ship, returning to his family. By the eighth century, he had come to be revered as the patron saint of Ireland. What did he experience during his years of slavery that proved invaluable to this man who became a revered missionary who "baptised thousands of people," converted sons of kings, and led wealthy women to become nuns? Learn about the sustaining faith of St. Patrick in this Christian Encounters biography. 192 pages, softcover.


St Patrick: The Irish Legend, DVDSt Patrick: The Irish Legend, DVD
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This is the first ever feature film depicting the life of the world-famous Irish hero. Armed with only courage and conviction, Patrick's unwavering belief that good conquers evil would liberate Ireland and alter the course of history. Patrick Bergin, Malcolm McDowell, Alan Bates, and Susannah York star in this lush production filmed on location in Ireland. Patrick is born in Britain, the privileged son of nobility. At the age of 16, he is kidnapped by Irish raiders and enslaved by a cruel druid chieftain. Six years later, following many vivid dreams and visions of destiny, Patrick escapes and returns home to England and a sheltered life with his loving parents Concessa and Calpornius. Troubled by new visions of the Irish people pleading to be freed from enslavement and hardship, he returns to the turbulent country intent on liberating the nation. His mission is jeopardized by British Bishop Quentin, who believes the Irish are warlike heathens, but his unwavering courage in the face of adversity utlimately forces Ireland to abruptly turn in a direction that changed history forever. 90 minutes.


Patrick: Saint of IrelandPatrick: Saint of Ireland
Joyce Denham
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St. Patrick is one of Ireland's most beloved saints, known to Irish, Irish-Americans and people all over the world. Young listeners will appreciate the rich greens that fill the watercolor illustrations, and young readers will enjoy reading along with the expressive text. From his early days as a slave to his return as a priest, the story of St. Patrick is one for all children. Recommended for ages 8 and up.


St. Patrick's Day in the MorningSt. Patrick's Day in the Morning
Eve Bunting
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Jaime wants to march in the St. Patrick's Day parade, past Barney the Baker, up Acorn Hill, past the "Half-Way-Up Sweetshop" and all the way to the green fields up the hill, but his brothers say he's too small. So before everyone elseis awake, he makes his trek up, meeting neighbors and friends along the way as he carries the Irish flag and flute.
Wonderfully illustrated by Jan Brett, the villages and fields of Ireland are captured in her two-tone pictures. A loving look at a young boy's St. Patrick's Day experience.

Discovering Saint PatrickDiscovering Saint Patrick
Thomas O'Loughlin
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The search for the "real" St. Patrick has puzzles and intrigued scholars for centuries. How much can we really know about the life and times of Patrick? This new study takes a look at the myth and reality of St. Patrick, including what made him famous, gave value to his writings and produced the interest that is still in us. 254 pages, softcover.

St. Patrick of Ireland: A BiographySt. Patrick of Ireland: A Biography
Philip Freeman
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St. Patrick has often been regarded as a man principally created from myth and legend. But in St. Patrick of Ireland, Philip Freeman brings the historic Patrick and his world to life. Set against the turbulent backdrop of the British Isles during the last years of the Roman Empire, you'll read the story of the real Patrick, shorn of legend, a man whose deep spiritual conviction and devotion helped to transform a country. 216 pages, softcover.


The Confessions of Saint Patrick and Letter to  CoroticusThe Confessions of Saint Patrick and Letter to Coroticus
John Skinner
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Beyond being the patron saint of Ireland (and having chased some nonexistent snakes from the Emerald Isle), relatively little is known about Saint Patrick. Still, Patrick left behind a unique document known as his Confession, which tells us more about the life and beliefs of this popular saint. This autobiography, originally written in the fifth century is a fascinating work that delves into the life of this intriguing man and his testament of faith.

In this new translation from internationally acclaimed translator John Skinner, the character and world of St. Patrick are brought vividly to life. In addition, this volume contains the only known document apart from his Confession to have been written by Patrick. In a letter he wrote to the soldiers of Coroticus (also Christians), Patrick demonstrates his passion for justice by reprimanding the infantry for raiding parts of Ireland in order to sell captives into slavery. In an irate tone, Patrick scorns his fellow Christians for such dreadful deeds, and his resultant writing is every bit as revealing as his Confession.

Celtic Mosaics, Coloring BookCeltic Mosaics, Coloring Book

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Unearth the beauty of one of history's oldest and most enduring art forms. Each original image awakens your imagination as you discover the intricate and intriguing designs celebrated by ancient cultures. Explore the potential of light and dark, contrast and harmony, color and shape. Experiment with markers, crayons, pencils or pastels, or mix and match tools, intensities and techniques for marvelous effects.

Each MindWare coloring book provides a new, ingenious framework for individual masterpieces. Use them in the classroom to strengthen students' spatial skills. Introduce them at home for hours of imaginative, high-quality fun. Make them into an icebreaker for working teams wanting to jump-start creativity.




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