Men of Science, Men of GodMen of Science, Men of God
Henry M. Morris
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One of the most seriuos fallacies today is the belief that genuine scientists cannot believe the Bible. But the truth is that many of the major scientific contributions were made by scientists who were dedicated men of God. Here are 101 short biographies and Christian testimonies of scientists who believed in the Bible and in a personal Creator God.

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The Creation/evolution debate colors attitudes about science.  Our kids need to know that scientists can also be strong believers, as evidenced by the 101 brief biographies in this volume.

Written by the president emeritus of the Institute for Creation Research, your student will be encouraged to learn that Isaac Newton, for example, wrote many books on Biblical subjects; or that Louis Pasteur was a vigorous opponent of Darwinism.

While this is a small book, it is packed with stories of believers who lived their faith while engaging in the scientific exploration of their world.  Whether your child is science-minded or not, this easy-to-read book will remind them that studying science is another way to honor God.  From New Leaf Press (Master Books).

—Christine Field