Writing Skills Activities for Special ChildrenWriting Skills Activities for Special Children
Darlene Mannix
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Created for elementary special needs students who could use additional instruction in writing, this collection of 135 lessons will help students progress from simple to more complex writing abilities. With both creative and practical writing opportunities, students will enjoy learning to focus on writing words, sentences, paragraphs, and other writing tasks. Choose the activities that your students need to focus on; lessons include directions to both the teacher and the student with answers and a follow-up activity, in addition to the actual worksheets. 135 lessons and 269 illustrated activity sheets, softcover, reproducible pages. Please note that while the back of the book states that a spiral-bound format is available, this book is now only printed in the traditional, bound format.

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I have two types of students in my home—one will fill up a spiral notebook in two days with stories, poems, and letters; and the other struggles to write a sentence. The second child requires specific, targeted instruction. I have been able to pull together resources from different places to help her, and she is making progress. How I wish I’d had this book a few years ago because everything I needed is all here!

Within the covers of this one meaty volume are the beginning exercises, the skill sharpeners, and the polishing tasks to help struggling children learn to write—and write well.

Part 1 of this book is devoted to solidifying spelling and early grammar skills. Students complete sentences, learn high-frequency words, increase vocabulary, and practice editing skills. Part 2 is dedicated to writing, varying, and further revising sentences. In part 3, students learn the “sandwich model” for paragraph writing; practice various paragraph types; and learn to write simple reports. The book is rounded out in section 4 with other writing activities, like composing a story, writing school projects, and learning practical writing skills—such as taking a phone message or recording school assignments.

Consisting of 135 lessons with 269 reproducible activity sheets, this volume is easy to use for the teacher and engaging for the student. Designed for elementary students with special needs, this could also be used as a complete writing program for younger children. Help your child experience writing success with this friendly, complete, and helpful resource. 540 pages, softcover from Jossey Bass.

—Christine Field