Heads Up Helping! Teaching Tips and Techniques for Working with ADD, ADHD & Other Children with ChallengesHeads Up Helping! Teaching Tips and Techniques for Working with ADD, ADHD & Other Children with Challenges
Melinda L. Boring
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Be encouraged by someone who understands. Written by a homeschooling mom of two ADHD kids, you'll be encouraged as you read of her struggles in understanding her children's development, learning how to cope, analyzing treatments and living and loving the homeschool life even with ADD/ADHD! Tips for dealing with auditory distractibility, visual distractibility, sensory issues, daydreaming, social skills, memorization, modifying curriculum and the various other challenges that come with parenting and homeschooling a hyperactive child are included in this conversational book. 173 pages, softcover.

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Fidgety kids and distracted students. I smiled with recognition at many of the family stories shared in this book. Was Melinda Boring peeking into my schoolroom, or do we simply share the challenge of teaching these unique learners? The author provides more than war stories from the special-needs homeschooling front, however. She also offers information, solutions, and encouragement for dealing with our children.

Ms. Boring is an experienced homeschooler with three children (two with ADHD and sensory issues), as well as a speech/language pathologist. She shares her professional knowledge, giving us clues to identifying everything from distractibility to daydreaming. Then she suggests tips and strategies to help our students experience academic success. The ideas include ways to modify the environment, how to help the child monitor his own behavior, tips to make curriculum work for the child, and more. I came away with many ideas and a few new tricks up my sleeve to make the school day go smoother.

Finally, Ms. Boring gently reminds us that moms and marriages need individualized attention, too. By taking time to meet our own relationship and relaxation needs, we will be better teachers in the homeschool. This little volume is packed with strategies and support for homeschooling families. 173 pages, softcover from Trafford.

—Christine Field