Comprehensive CompositionComprehensive Composition
Kathryn Stout
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Praised by Cathy Duffy as "one of the most concise yet comprehensive books for teaching the writing process available to home educators." From researching a topic to shaping the final essay, Stout's flexible curriculum helps young writers, grades K to 12, develop and hone their descriptive, persuasive, narrative, and expository writing skills. Helpful teaching tips for each type of composition guide you in evaluating your student's progress. 124 pages, softcover from Design-A-Study.

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A promise of a “comprehensive” program is enticing. Can one book possibly cover everything?

Kathryn Stout has done a tremendous service to homeschoolers with her Design-A-Study guides. They provide a detailed scope and sequence for our study, along with teaching tips and ideas.

Comprehensive Composition lives up to its name. Mrs. Stout gives us instruction in how to teach, what to teach, and what to expect from our students. Detailed coverage of prewriting is highlighted, followed by in-depth instruction in descriptive, persuasive, narrative, and expository writing. Further sections are devoted to grammar and punctuation, and evaluating student writing.

This one volume can be used for composition instruction in grades K to

12. You will be inspired to encourage writing in all areas of your curriculum with the help of this guide. 124 pages, softcover from Design-A-Study.

—Christine Field