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A Color-Blind Church: Integration Under the SteepleA Color-Blind Church: Integration Under the Steeple
David Leininger
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Here's a first-hand account of how a white church and a black church in the same town attempted to draw into closer fellowship. Rev. Leininger shares frankly about the mistakes he made and the lessons he learned.


More Than Equals: Racial HealingMore Than Equals: Racial Healing
Spencer Perkins, Chris Rice
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When Spencer Perkins was sixteen years old, he visited his bloodied and swollen father (pastor John Perkins) in jail. Police had beaten the black activist severely, and Spencer never forgot the moment. He couldn't imagine living in community with a white person after that. But his plans were changed.

Chris Rice grew up in very different circumstances, of "Vermont Yankee stock," attending an elite Eastern college and looking forward to a career in law and government. But his plans were changed.

Spencer and Chris became not only friends, but yokefellows---partners for more than a decade in the difficult ministry of racial reconciliation. From their own hard-won experience, they show that there is hope for our frightening race problem, that whites and African-Americans can live together in peace.

This revised and expanded edition includes a new introduction, a new afterword, a new study guide, updated resources and a new chapter by Spencer, "Playing the Grace Card." In compellingly practical detail, Chris and Spencer present their hope, which is boldly and radically Christian. "The cause of racial reconciliation needs yokefellows," they argue, "... not solely for the sake of racial harmony---even though it will lead to that---but for the witness of the gospel."


Methodism's Racial DelemmaMethodism's Racial Delemma
James S. Thomas

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This book is the story of the Central Jurisdiction of the Methodist Church, the jurisdication that was created for African American members of the three bodies uniting in 1939. James S. Thomas sketches the history of American Methodism from its earliest beginnings through the years of tumult around the issue of slavery and on into the twentieth century. But hte bulk of the book is that story that could best be told only by an insider, in this case, by the one who served as chairperson of the Central Jurisdication Study and Research Committee, popularly known as the Committee of Five, which forumalted the plan for themerger of the Central Jurisdiction's annual conferences into the regional jurisdictions.
Officially, the story of the Central Jurisdiction begain in 1939. But the attitudes and social practices that prompted its creation go much further back into history. As those attitudes evolved--by a combination of legislated change within the wider society and the opening of the minds of many people--the ever-present dilemna of the Central Jurisdiction was resolved. Its demise, says Bishop Thomas, enables The United Methodist Church more faithfully to seek the goal of one Shepherd, one fold.


Disruptive Christian Ethics: When Racism and Women's Lives MatterDisruptive Christian Ethics: When Racism and Women's Lives Matter
Traci C. West
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Bringing to the fore the difficult realities of racism and the sexual violation of women, Traci West argues for a liberative method of Christian social ethics in which the discussion begins not with generic philosophical concepts but in the concrete realities of the lives of the socially and economically marginalized. She writes, "The idea that we've 'moved beyond' our society's need for concretely identifying these concerns is a costly lie."

Presenting conscience-jarring stories of individual women's experience and endurance of prejudice, violation, and subjugation, West demonstrates how racism can impact key ideas in Christian ethics, influence government policy on welfare, infect public practice, and invade worship. Concluding with hope-filled testimonies of black women ministers and activists confronting heterosexism in their communities, Disruptive Christian Ethics is a virtual toolkit for how to "do" ethics. It enables readers to hone their skills at recognizing racial subjugation and demonstrates how to make the transformation of unjust, marginalizing conditions for women a key criterion for evaluating society's health.


Overcoming Evil in the Last DaysOvercoming Evil in the Last Days
Rick Joyner
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As Christians, we battle not against an "axis of evil"---but the very source of all wickedness! Joyner exposes today's evils of racism, witchcraft, and religious spirits; and charges the church to stand fast and persist in our calling to worship and love God, even as hell unleashes its fury against our souls. 224 pages, softcover from Destiny Image.

Living in Color: Embracing God's Passion for Ethnic DiversityLiving in Color: Embracing God's Passion for Ethnic Diversity
Randy Woodley
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Randy Woodley, a Keetowah Cherokee, casts a biblical, multiethnic vision for people of every nation, tribe and tongue. He carefully unpacks how Christians should think about racial and cultural identity, demonstrating that ethnically diverse communities have always been God's intent for his people. Woodley gives practical insights for how we can relate to one another with sensitivity, combat the subtleties of racism and honor unique contributions to church and society. Along the way, he reckons with difficult challenges from our racially painful history and offers hope for healing and restoration. With profound wisdom from his own Native American heritage and experience, Woodley's voice adds a distinctive perspective to contemporary discussions of racial reconciliation and multiethnicity.


Ending Racism in the ChurchEnding Racism in the Church
Susan Davies
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"From the Publisher:" Presents case studies of churches or community agencies working to end racism, and includes discussions from diverse scholars and practioners who describe the subtle ways in which racism undermines the gospel's thrust.

Dismantling RacismDismantling Racism
Joseph Barndt

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This book does not intend to attack or to produce guilt, but its message is tough and demanding. It begins by analyzing racism as it is today and the ways it has changed or not changed over the past few decades. Most important, the book focuses on the task of dismantling racism, how we can work to bring it to an end and build a racially just, multiracial, multicultural society.


From Every People and Nation: A Biblical Theology of Race (New Studies in Biblical Theology)From Every People and Nation: A Biblical Theology of Race (New Studies in Biblical Theology)
J. Daniel Hays
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Much of evangelical theology has been slow to acknowledge the perennial problem of racism present both in America as well as around the world. From Every People and Nation serves as an outstanding contribution to constructing a biblical theology of race, which provides a much needed corrective to the harmful racial preconceptions present within North American and European scholarship, art, and other media. Of particular interest is the role of the Cushites (black Africans), who play a prominent role in the Old Testament, but receive very little scholarly treatment or attention. Hays's analysis insightfully draws attention to the racial make-up of ancient biblical peoples and provides a strong foundation for Christian theology as the Church faces the present challenges of racism as well as ministry within various multi-racial and multi-ethnic environments.

Transforming Power: Biblical Strategies for Making a Difference in Your CommunityTransforming Power: Biblical Strategies for Making a Difference in Your Community
Robert C. Linthicum
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Problems plague the world around us. Many in our churches and communities face injustice, crime, poverty, racism and other daunting evils. But often Christians have not known how to respond effectively. The issues seem bigger than anything the church can handle, and so we are paralyzed into inaction and offer halfhearted prayers at best.

Yet throughout history God has empowered his people to stand up to injustice. When the situation calls for confrontation or structural change, our response must be more than personal piety, pastoral care or individualistic evangelism. Christians must become proficient in the practice and exercise of power.

Christians have often been wary of power, thinking of it as something inherently evil or oppressive. But God calls his people to wield power responsibly and to use it to promote his kingdom ideals of justice and peace. Robert Linthicum offers an integrative, biblical study of the proper use of power. Based on a thorough exploration of Scripture and decades of real-world experience in community organizing and urban ministry, Linthicum's model of relational power provides sound, practical strategies for changing individuals, communities, structures and systems.

With insights from biblical mentors like Nehemiah and Paul as well as contemporary examples of Christians in action, this book offers hope for all who want to move toward the vision of the shalom community--God's intended best for communities and the world.

To Live in Peace: Biblical Faith and the Changing Inner CityTo Live in Peace: Biblical Faith and the Changing Inner City
Mark R. Gornik
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(PUBEerdmans)Because of racism, poverty, crime, corruption, and other reasons, our inner cities continue to decay. Here's the hope-filled, compelling story of Baltimore's New Song Community Church and the innovative gospel strategies it has developed to help overcome social blight. 280 pages, softcover.



I'm Chocolate, You're VanillaI'm Chocolate, You're Vanilla
Marguerite Wright
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A child's concept of race is quite different from that of an adult. Young children perceive skin color as magical--even changeable--and unlike adults, are incapable of understanding adult predjudices surrounding race and racism. Just as children learn to walk and talk, they likewise come to understand race in a series of predictable stages. Based on Marguerite A. Wright's research and clinical experience, I'm Chocolate, You're Vanilla teaches us that the color-blindness of early childhood can, and must, be taken advantage of in order to guide the positive development of a child's self-esteem.

Enter the River: Healing Steps from White Privilege Toward Racial ReconciliationEnter the River: Healing Steps from White Privilege Toward Racial Reconciliation
Jody Shearer

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Shearer explores definitions of prejudice and racism, the different effects of racism on white persons and people of color, affirmative action, and many other issues. The accessible presentation provides a strong foundation for study and action.

The Church Enslaved: A Spirituality for Racial ReconciliationThe Church Enslaved: A Spirituality for Racial Reconciliation
Tony Campolo, Michael Battle

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Two of the most vocal activists on racial issues in the church seek nothing less than a conversion of American Christianity. They directly challenge the Church to resume leadership in overcoming and redressing America's legacy of racial segregation. Campolo and Battle expose the realities of racial division in the Church and then lift up a vision of a Church without racism. To achieve reconciliation within and among the denominations, they argue, both the black and the white church need to acknowledge and overcome substantial problems in their traditions. The authors provide an blueprint for how racially-reconciled churches can encourage activism in the cities, church involvement in politics, and responsible use of the Bible, ultimately helping to transform American society itself.

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