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Janice VanCleave
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Twenty simple and fun experiments allow readers to discover how to make a battery from a lemon, learn how magnets can produce electricity, and find out how flashlights work--plus dozens of additional suggestions for developing science fair projects. All experiments use inexpensive household materials and involve a minimum of preparation and clean up.




Hands-on Science Series: Electricity & MagnetismHands-on Science Series: Electricity & Magnetism
Joel Beller
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"Hands-On Science: Electricity and Magnetism" offers 16 ready-to-use activities that help your middle school and early high school students build a solid understanding of the physical world around them. This book includes activities related to a force of nature, namely, electromagnetism. Every effort has been made to use readily available, inexpensive equipment. Activities range from the simple (playing with magnets and magnetic equipment) to the complex (creating electricity by means of thermocouples and working with photovoltaic cells). There is something for every student. Each activity has a teacher resource section that includes, besides helpful hints and suggestions, a scoring rubric, a quiz, and Internet connections for those students who wish to carry out the Follow-Up Activities. Instructional objectives and the National Science Standards that apply to each activity are provided in order for you to meet state and local expectations. Softcover, 96 pages.



Peter Riley
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This series is a straightforward introduction to key science subjects. Each book explains the main scientific principles involved and shows how they work - from our everyday world to outer space. From the Table of Contents: Electricity Around Us; Cells and Batteries; Conductors and Insulators; Switches; Heat and Light; Lightbulbs in Circuits; Controlling the Flow; The Electronic Motor; Generating Electricity; Electricity in Your Home; Static Electricity; Electricity in Nature; Electronic Messages; Glossary and Index.



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