Lydia's Charm Discussion Questions: Wanda Brunstetter


1. When Lydia and her son moved to Ohio, she felt lonely and missed her home and friends in Illinois. Sometimes, due to unforeseen circumstances, people are forced to move from a place where they feel comfortable to a place that’s strange and unknown. What specific ways might there be for someone to get used to living in a new place?


2. What are some ways we can help others new to our neighborhood feel welcomed and part of the community?


3. When Lydia and her mother faced financial challenges, many people helped, including someone who did chores and left gifts anonymously. Lydia, like many other people, had a hard time receiving gifts or accepting help from others. What do you think is the reason for this? Is it ever right to be unwilling to accept help from others?


4. What are some ways we can help someone in need without making them feel obligated or embarrassed about their situation?


5. Some gifts are given directly to a person, while other gifts are given in secret. When is the appropriate time to give someone a gift without letting them know who it’s from?


6. Some people are prejudiced against those who are different than them. What do you think is the reason for most prejudices? What does the Bible say about prejudice?


7. Lydia’s mother was prejudiced against the little people who ran the general store in their community. Her prejudice came about because of a childhood trauma. Have you ever had a childhood trauma that affected you, even as an adult, causing you to avoid someone or something you were afraid of or didn’t trust? What advice would you give to someone who’s still dealing with a childhood fear?


8. Levi had a problem with trust. He didn’t think his parents were capable of running the store by themselves, and he didn’t trust God to help him raise a child who might be born with dwarfism. What are some ways we can strengthen our faith and trust in God?


9. Lydia’s mother tried so hard to please her father that her own needs went unmet. How far should an adult child go in honoring or caring for their father or mother?


10. The loss of a child can be devastating to a parent. How can a parent learn to deal with such a loss? What are some ways we can help someone who’s lost a child?


11. What interesting facts about the Amish way of life did you learn by reading Lydia’s Charm?


12. What life’s lessons did you learn from reading this book? Were there any specific scriptures that spoke to you heart?



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