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Christ in a Grain of Sand: An Ecological Journey with the Spiritual ExercisesChrist in a Grain of Sand: An Ecological Journey with the Spiritual Exercises
Neil Vaney
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Finding God in all things takes on new meaning in our eco-spiritual age. The Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius is perhaps the greatest retreat guide every written. Neil Vaney's innovative approach to the Exercises is an invitation to a journey of discovery, a challenge to look for Christ in all things and to find him everywhere, even in a grain of sand. Exploring for the first time the unique connection between ecology and the Exercises, Vaney reveals their relevance in our contemporary age. He leads us on an adventure, helping us make the Exercises with our new awareness of the intimate bond between spirituality and the natural world.

Wendell Berry and the Cultivation of Life: A Reader's GuideWendell Berry and the Cultivation of Life: A Reader's Guide
Matthew J. Bonzo, Michael R. Stevens

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Far from being a mere "nostalgic agrarian," Wendell Berry offers an important and redemptive vision for life through his poetry, fiction, and essays. His themes of community, place, and conservation speak to a range of people, both conservative and progressive, who are concerned with finding health in the midst of our restless, transient "culture of death."

Wendell Berry and the Cultivation of Life is a systematic overview of Berry's life and work and a concise introduction to his cultural and spiritual themes. It demonstrates the power of Berry's vision and shows how his account of the world resonates with the biblical narrative of creation. This book confronts readers with the question persistently raised in Berry's works: How can we sustain meaningful lives against the background of a consumeristic, dislocated age?

This timely guide will benefit theology, literature, and sociology students as well as pastors and ecology groups. Readers will discover how to flesh out Berry's worldview and foster a culture of life in their neighborhoods, educational systems, churches, and homes.

Matt Bonzo (Ph.D., Free University of Amsterdam) is assistant professor of philosophy and Michael R. Stevens (Ph.D., University of Dallas) is associate professor of English, both at Cornerstone University.


Preaching from the ProphetsPreaching from the Prophets
James Ward, Christine Ward
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A theological guide to biblical preaching from prophetic text, this book invites preachers to look with imagination at the possiblities of prophetic preaching today. With prophetic and assertive style the Wards bridge the chasm between ancient Israel and our culture. They show how to choose text and develop sermons that address racism, ecology, and other major ethical issues of our time.

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