Under a Desert Sky Discussion Questions: by DiAnn Mills


1.     Eva had lived a sheltered life, but she'd experienced tragedy. Did anything prepare her for witnessing her grandfather's murder?



2. How did you feel about Mr. Murdock?



3. Tahoma lived an unusual life for a Navajo. Did you feel he truly cared for his people?



4. Miss Arnold befriended Eva, but did you trust her?



5. Which one of the Monarch boys was your favorite? Why?



6. What motivated Eva to fit into her new life at Ghost Ranch?



7. In your opinion, what person at the Ghost Ranch was determined to betray Eva?



8. Have you ever known anyone like Nascha?



9. What were Eva’s finest qualities?



10.     What were her weaknesses?



11. What were Tahoma’s strengths?



12. What were Tahoma’s weaknesses?



13. Eva became a Christian during a dangerous situation? Did you think she was sincere at the time?



14. Were you surprised when Eva accepted the job as a teacher on the Navajo reservation?



15.     Do you think Eva and Tahoma lived a happily-ever-after life? Why or why not?




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