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    Super Reviews: English LanguageSuper Reviews: English Language
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    If you're looking for some extra review before that next final, midterm or even pop quiz, Super Review is here to give you the answers and knowledge you need to succeed! In English you'll review grammar, punctuation and sentence structure; a usage glossary is also included. Review questions will help you to reinforce and highlight key concepts to ensure mastery. An easy to read Question and Answer format makes reading easy, and quizzes at the end of each chapter provide a pre-test warm up. 232 indexed pages, softcover.

    Essentials - EnglishEssentials - English
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    For students studying English, preparing for exams, writing papers and otherwise engaged in class work, these concise, 'essential' study guides provide just the right amount of information; the brief explanations aren't tedious reading, yet neither do they provide too little information to be of use. Short chapters review the fundamentals of English language, including grammar, vocabulary, punctuation, and sentence structure; capitalization, numbers, troublesome word usage, and commonly misspelled words are also covered. 144 pages, softcover.
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    Writing Your A+ Research Paper - REA's Quick & Easy GuideWriting Your A+ Research Paper - REA's Quick & Easy Guide
    Retail Price: $8.95
    CBD Price: $7.19
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    If you need help or review for writing your term paper, let REA's concise and easy-to-understand guide help lead the way. From the beginning steps of deciding on a topic to submitting the final product after rounds of editing, this guide also contains examples of a title page, table of contents, bibliography, footnotes and more. Conforming to MLA standards, you'll learn the rules of writing a paper as well as the skills to get your thoughts down clearly on paper. 96 pages, softcover.


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