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Research and Educations Associates' have created a thorough series of books designed to help you succeed in your educational goals. Perfect for the homeschooler who decides to replace some expensive college courses with a CLEP exam, the high school student struggling with a course or anyone who needs some review, this comprehensive series of study resources contains all you need to get your best score.





 High School Tutor

High School Geometry TutorHigh School Geometry Tutor
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This clearly designed study book is meant to last for years; whether you need college review down the road, or have a sibling who'll need it afterwards, High School Tutor books will be there. Every type of problem that could be assigned by a teacher or given on a test is included, and you're guided step by step through the process of solving it. Gain not only good grades, but knowledge of the subject as well! Full explanations to problems are included. 326 pages, indexed, softcover.

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 REA Essentials

Essentials - United States History: 1789 to 1841Essentials - United States History: 1789 to 1841
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For students studying history, preparing for exams, writingpapers and otherwise engaged in class work, these concise, 'essential' study guides provide just the right amount of information; the brief explanations aren't tedious reading,yet neither do they provide too little information to be ofuse. Short chapters with sub-headings explore the politicalsocial, cultural, economic and philosophical issues and developments that have made an important impact on history--exactly what the time-pressed student needs. United States History 1789-1841 covers Washington and the Federalist Era, the Jeffersonian Era, the War of 1812, the Monroe Presidency, the Marshall court, the Missouri Compromise, Jacksonian Democracy, Ante-Bellum culture, Manifest Destiny, and more. 112 pages, softcover.

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 Super Reviews

Super Reviews: Pre-CalculusSuper Reviews: Pre-Calculus
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If you're looking for some extra review before that next final, midterm or even pop quiz, Super Review is here to give you the answers and knowledge you need to succeed! In Pre-Calculus you'll review the major elements of Pre-Calc including sets, numbers, operations, properties, coordinate geometry, exponents, logarithms, concic sections, matrices and determinants. Review questions after each topic will help you to reinforce and highlight key concepts to ensure mastery. An easy to read Question and Answer format makes reading easy, and quizzes at the end of each chapter provide a pre-test warm up. 192 indexed pages, softcover.

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