The Ways of the White FolksThe Ways of the White Folks
Langston Hughes
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Perhaps more than any other writer, Langston Hughes made the white America of the 1920's and '30s aware of the black culture thriving in its midst. Like his most famous poems, Hughes's stories are messages from that other America, sharply etched vignettes of its daily life, cruelly accurate portrayals of black people colliding - sometimes humorously, more often tragically - with whites. Here is the ailing black musician who comes home from Europe to die in his small town - only to die more quickly and brutally than he had imagined. Here are the wealthy bohemians who collect Negroes like so many objets d'art...the moonlighting student who becomes the reluctant confidante of a boozy white Don Jaun... the elegant charlatan who peddles "real primitive jazz out of Africa" as a nostrum to the spiritually starved elite. Filled with mordant wit and human detail, The Ways of White Folks is unmistakably the work of a great poet who was also a shrewd and compelling storyteller.

The Collected Poems of Langston HughesThe Collected Poems of Langston Hughes
Langston Hughes, Arnold Rampersad, David Roessel
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Spanning five decades and including 868 poems, this volume is the definitive sampling of one of the greatest and most popular poets since Walt Whitman. 717 pages, softcover.

Selected Poems of Langston HughesSelected Poems of Langston Hughes
Langston Hughes
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Langston Hughes' poems celebrate the experience of invisible men and women: of slaves who "brushed the boots of Washington"; of musicians on Lenox Avenue; of the poor and lovesick; of losers in "the raffle of night." They conveyed that experience in a voice that blended the spoken with the sung, that turned poetic lines into the phrases of jazz and blues, and that ripped through the curtain separating high from popular culture. The poems in this collection were chosen by Hughes himself shortly before his death and represent works from throughout his career. 297 pages, softcover.

Langston Hughes, David Roessel
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From the publication of his first book in 1926, Langston Hughes was hailed as the poet laureate of black America, the first to commemorate the experience of African Americans in a voice that no reader, black or white, could fail to hear. Lyrical and pungent, passionate and polemical, this volume is a treasure--an essential collection of the work of a poet whose words have entered our common language.


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