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The 400th anniversary of the Jamestown Colony’s founding in 2007 presented us with a unique, historic, opportunity to remember the 1607 founding of the first permanent English settlement on American shores. Captain John Smith, the Jamestown settlers, Pocahontas and the Powhatan Indians, have all entered history as both fact and legend; brush the dust off of history and play the Jamestowne Survivor game with your family, read a book on the real Pocahontas, and travel the world with John Smith! Explore the complex history of America in our Jamestown Store that’s filled with books and resources for every family.



Captain John Smith

John Smith: A Foothold in the New World

Thrown overboard from a ship, enslaved by the Turks,captured by pirates, rescued by a princess-the story of Englishmman John Smith would seem unbelievable if it werefiction. Young John first sought adventure in Europe, traveling as far as Russia and distinguishing himself in the wars that raged across the Old World.

Virginia History

Drive Thru History: Soldiers, Jamestown, and Heroes of Virginia

In a fast, fun style all his own, Dave Stotts explores the rich history of America and the Revolutionary War era. We start in Philadelphia, making our way through Germantown and Valley Forge. Finally, Dave tours beautiful Virginia for stories about the historic homes of Thomas Jefferson, George Washington and James Madison. As always, Dave includes the Christian influences that have shaped history.


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