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God's Glorious Church: The Mystery and Mission of the Body of ChristGod's Glorious Church: The Mystery and Mission of the Body of Christ
Tony Evans
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Do you see the church as a building? You're not looking high enough. As a denomination? You're not looking wide enough. As the sum total of all Christians? You're not looking deep enough. Dr. Tony Evans shows how the church is nothing less than the ongoing incarnation of Christ on earth--a living body with a mission, a purpose, and an ultimate call to disciple the whole world. Verse by verse, Tony Evans explores what Jesus really meant when He said, "On this rock I will build my church." And why you, no less than the apostle Peter, are one of the living stones that make up the mysterious structure that is the church today. You'll discover the church's mandate in the Great Commission and come to definitive conclusions about how it should be organized and what it should be trying to achieve.




Leading With VisionLeading With Vision
Dale Galloway
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Vision - the place where tomorrow is shaped - motivates ministry and determines achievement.
- Dale Galloway

George Barna says only four percent of pastors have a vision for their churches. Only four percent! That is an insignificant number compared to the other 96 percent who must believe they can lead a church without any direction for the future.
Because society and ministry have changed more in the last ten years than ever before, it is too easy for church leaders to become distracted, confused and lost. As a pastor, planning and passion go hand in hand with effective leadership and church growth.
John Maxwell, Maxie Dunham, James Earl Massey, and others have come together with the Beeson Institute of Leadership to challenge those developing their ministry and leadership skills. Now the wisdom and insight of these Institute speakers has been written to provide every pastor a ready reference for their personal library and an effective tool for ministry.


Clear Vision: How 16 Growing Churches Harnessed the Power of a Shared VisionClear Vision: How 16 Growing Churches Harnessed the Power of a Shared Vision
Jack Lynn
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Saddleback Church. Willow Creek. Bellevue Baptist. Add your fellowship to the exciting roster of congregations reaching thousands for Christ by using the experience-based principles of direction and clarity followed by rapidly growing churches. Practical and inspiring, this indispensable manual will help equip pastors and laity alike for more intentional and effective ministry. 192 pages, softcover from Wesleyan.

Priorities for the Church: Rediscovering Leadership and Vision in the ChurchPriorities for the Church: Rediscovering Leadership and Vision in the Church
Donald MacLeod
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Jesus promised that as long as the earth remains his church will continue, and it's a good job he did. When we survey the church and how it relates to the world we have to wonder why he would bother!! The church is not the building, nor is it the structure of government, it is a body of believers. Christians make up the church and it is our responsibility to prayerfully think through how we can affect the situation, sitting idly by is no longer an option. As the church drifts along, splintered, distracted, all too willing to slip out of its theological moorings and often showing a remarkable lack of love, its influence on society dwindles, either becoming indistinguishable from the world or becoming so unrelated that it appears to be a relic of an entirely different era. Donald Macleod brings his customary flourish to this most pressing topic. His seemingly effortless ability to communicate complicated issues ensures that the message he conveys is clear.


Becoming a True Spiritual Community: A Profound Vision of What the Church Can BeBecoming a True Spiritual Community: A Profound Vision of What the Church Can Be
Larry Crabb
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Shatter the walls of division within your congregation! This popular counselor and author explains why two kinds of "soul care" relationships---spiritual friendships and spiritual directions---can only exist as part of a Spirit-led community. Learn how to develop a community where believers not only worship together, but also forge spiritual intimacy. Previously titled The Safest Place on Earth.

The Phoenix Affirmations: A New Vision for the Future of ChristianityThe Phoenix Affirmations: A New Vision for the Future of Christianity
Eric Elnes
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The Phoenix Affirmations, named for the town in which the principles were created and the mythological bird adopted by ancient Christians as a symbol of resurrection, offers disillusioned and spiritually homeless Christians and others a sense of hope and a more tolerant, joyful, and compassionate message than those we often hear from the media and some Christian leaders. These twelve central affirmative principles of Christian faith are built on the three great loves that the Bible reveals: love of God, love of neighbor, and love of self. They reflect commitments to environmental stewardship, social justice, and artistic expression as well as openness to other faiths. Transcending theological and culture wars, inclusive and generous in spirit and practice, these principles ask believers and seekers alike to affirm their Christian faith in a fresh way.


Transforming Leadership: Vision for a Church in MissionTransforming Leadership: Vision for a Church in Mission
Norma Cook Everist, Craig L. Nessan

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Transforming Leadership sets forth the core values and leadership practices that can bring fundamental transformation to the life of the local church. Based on experience and research, Everist and Nessan explore three dimensions of transforming leadership: (1) how leaders are formed and transformed, (2) how transforming leadership can renew congregations and focus their ministry to do justice, and (3) how congregations can be transformed by empowering all members to use their gifts for ministry.

Committed to the vitality and mission of the congregation, the authors promise neither a quick fix nor easy answers. Transforming leadership, they have found, is deeply rooted in theological conviction, expressed in genuine love for the people one serves, and cultivated through wise practices. The book grapples with challenging congregational dynamics, promotes the ministry of all the baptized, and provides vision for the lasting renewal of the church in mission.

Norma Cook Everist is Professor of Church and Ministry at Wartburg Theological Seminary in Dubuque, Iowa. She is editor of The Difficult but Indispensable Church, and author of Open the Doors and See All the People: Stories of Church Identity and Vocation.

Craig L. Nessan is the Academic Dean at Wartburg Theological Seminary. Previously Associate Professor of Contextual Theology at the same institution, Nessan authored Give Us This Day: A Lutheran Proposal for Ending World Hunger in the "Lutheran Voices" series published by Augsburg Fortress.

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