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Signs & Seasons: Understanding the Elements of Classical AstronomySigns & Seasons: Understanding the Elements of Classical Astronomy
Jay Ryan
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Using the biblical use of astronomy--for signs and seasons--as a foundation, this illustrated book will take a deeper look at the stars and sun we so often view. Filled with notes on historical practices, readers learn about where the terms A.M. and P.M came from, how Passover is linked to astronomical cycles, and the biblical heritage of timekeeping through the sky! 40 pages of field activities are included as well. 225 pages with index and astronomical tables.

Glow-In-The-Dark Constellations: A Field Guide for Young StargazersGlow-In-The-Dark Constellations: A Field Guide for Young Stargazers
C.E. Thompson, Randy Chewning
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Children will be entranced with this book as they hunt for constellations in the light and in the dark! Illustrations of major constellations in season help give kids an orientation to the sky; primary star patterns appear in the light as they would in the sky...but turn off the light and over 30 glow in the dark constellations appear! The mythological history of the stars, where to find them, what is the best time to find them and more is all revealed in this fun and fascinating guide to the night sky. 28 pages, softcover.

Glow-in-the-Dark Star FinderGlow-in-the-Dark Star Finder
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Phenomenal glow-in-the-dark star finder is the perfect solution for learning constellations. Shows star position for any date. Includes zodiac dial on reverse side.

Astronomy for All Ages, Second EditionAstronomy for All Ages, Second Edition
Philip Harrington, Edward Pascuzzi
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Complemented by charts, diagrams, and photographs, this discovery workbook is filled with fascinating and engaging activities---from simple to complex---designed to acquaint stargazers of all ages with the universe above their heads. Learn to read the sky with the naked eye, create a pocket solar system, collect micro-meteorites, build a telescope, learn what causes auroras and nebulae, and more. 214 pages, softcover from Globe Pequot.

Taking Back Astronomy: The Heavens Declare CreationTaking Back Astronomy: The Heavens Declare Creation
Jason Lisle
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Distant starlight, uniformitarianism and other theories have all been used to 'prove' the big bang theory; but author Dr. Jason Lisle and the team at Answers in Genesis have accumulated both new and old evidence to show that such theories don't disprove the Genesis account at all! Taking an aggressive approach, they go through the myriads of astronomical phenomenon that in fact could only be explained by the presence of a divine creator. Many full color photographs and easy to understand text will capture the attention of any child, teen or adult. 128 indexed pages, hardcover.

Stars: A New Way to See Them, 2nd editionStars: A New Way to See Them, 2nd edition
H.A. Rey
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Best known for his popular Curious George books, Rey was also an avid amateur astronomer. This newly revised edition of his introduction to the night sky updates planetary and solar system backgrounds; revises facts and figures concerning each planet; and includes the latest scientific material on earth-asteroid collisions, black holes, supernovas, the Kuiper Belt, and more. 160 pages, hardcover from Houghton Mifflin.


GeoSafari GeoStar TelescopeGeoSafari GeoStar Telescope
Retail Price: $89.99
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This powerful telescope delivers clear views of the moon's craters. The precision instrument combines an advanced optical system of genuine glass (not plastic) with an aluminum barrel body for lasting quality. Simple for kids to operate using the 3x magnification Finderscope. Sharpen details by manipulating the Fine Focus Adjusting Knob. Adjustable aluminum tripod. Ages 8+.

Vega 360 TelescopeVega 360 Telescope
Retail Price: $49.99
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Grades 3 and up. With this durable, lightweight telescope, young scientists can explore the natural wonders of the earth, from birds to animals, or the craters of the moon and beyond. The 50mm achromatic objective lens, all-glass optics, and rack and pinion focusing deliver clear, up-close images at magnifications from 20x to 80x. Easy-to-use refractor design and table-top tripod make it perfect for backyard exploring and on-the-go discovery. Comes with two interchangeable eyepieces and an image erector for viewing terrestrial subjects.

Omega Refractor TelescopeOmega Refractor Telescope
Retail Price: $129.99
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Make the heavens appear brighter, clearer and larger with this refracting telescope! With this powerful refractor telescope, curious astronomers can explore the faraway wonders of the universe, from the craters of the moon to Saturn's dazzling rings-even deep-sky phenomena such as star clusters and nebulae! It features a 60mm achromatic objective lens, three all-glass eyepieces, providing magnification power from 30x to 200x, and rack and pinion focusing for bright, clear images. Plus, the reliable refractor design and altazimuth mount make the telescope simple to use for hours of incredible views! Not a toy, but a scientific instrument, the Omega Refractor boasts high-quality components and features, including an optical finder scope, heavy-duty, full-size adjustable tripod with accessory tray, standard 11?4" interchangeable eyepieces, and a 2x Barlow lens, that make it perfect for celestial and terrestrial discovery at any age. Grades 3 & up.

Omega Reflector TelescopeOmega Reflector Telescope
Retail Price: $199.99
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This powerful 76mm reflector scope offers rugged portability and a trip to the distant stars for the avid young astronomer intent on detailed, deep-sky viewing. It boasts 3 all-glass eyepieces providing a range of magnification power from 35x to 300x! The 5x24mm optical finder scope and 76mm achromatic mirror offer amazing close-up views of the moon, planets, Milky Way, and beyond. Observe constellations, star clusters - even the Orion Nebula! The Omega Reflector comes with these high-quality components: heavy-duty, full-size adjustable tripod with accessory tray, standard 11?4" interchangeable eyepieces, a 3x Barlow lens, and an image erector for viewing terrestrial subjects.

Pocket ScopePocket Scope
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A must for 6- to 12-year-old explorers! When young scientists slip this handy tool into their backpacks, they're equipped to "zoom in" on anything from ladybugs in the garden to sailboats on the horizon. Measuring just 5" long, it's a 30x-powered microscope and 8x telescope in one. Fantastic fun for bug collectors, bird watchers, hikers, stargazers, and amateur sleuths!

GeoSafari Talking TelescopeGeoSafari Talking Telescope
Retail Price: $39.99
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Look, listen, know! Your children can explore the world of animals (koalas to Komodo dragons) and outer space (Saturn to space stations) with this 3x-magnification telescope (detachable for on-the-go exploration). Just drop in one of the 20 full-color slides; then turn the dial to select from more than 200 facts and questions for review. Grades K and up. Includes instruction guide.


National Audubon Society Pocket Guide: ConstellationsNational Audubon Society Pocket Guide: Constellations
Gary Mechler
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Human beings have always looked to the skies: as clock and calendar, to divine the future, for spiritual guidance. Even today, astronomers study the night sky for the key to the mysteries of the universe, as they literally look back in time to when it all began. By learning your way around the sky, you can identify constellations that our ancestors knew and even search out distant galaxies and clusters of stars that may support worlds like our own.

This guide covers the Northern Hemisphere skies season by season, with close-up looks at 54 constellations visible from northern latitudes, both the familiar and the less well known.

This easy-to-use pocket guide is divided into four parts: introductory essays and drawings, illustrated tours of the sky, illustrated descriptions of the constellations, and appendices.

Seasonal Star Chart BookSeasonal Star Chart Book
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The star charts have been designed to make your study of the heavens as easy and convenient as possible whether using a telescope, binoculars, or observing the wonders of the night sky with the unaided eye. There are light charts, two for each season of the year, showing the constellations that can be seen in that season at about mid-evening; on the facing page information is given concerning the stars and constellations on that chart. Whether you are viewing the heavens as a whole or concentrating on one particular object or section of the sky, you have all the necessary information before you. The charts are printed on heavy board and bound so that they can stand upright and will remain open easily at the particular chart you are using, leaving your hands free to adjust your telescope or binoculars while using this book.

Astronomy for Every Kid: 101 Easy Experiment That Really WorkAstronomy for Every Kid: 101 Easy Experiment That Really Work
Janice VanCleave
Retail Price: $15.95
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Why does Jupiter have colored clouds? How can you use a clock as a compass? What is the cause of shooting stars? Using common down-to-earth objects, these out-of-this-world experiments will help your kids discover the scientific principles behind the sun, moon, stars, and planets. Each pretested step-by-step activity includes a list of materials, expected results, and a clear explanation. Ages 8 to 12. 229 pages, softcover from Wiley & Sons.

The Solar System: An A-Z GuideThe Solar System: An A-Z Guide
Retail Price: $22.60
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Strap your armchair astronauts in for lift-off with this visual dictionary of planets, satellites, space probes, scientists, astronomers, and flight crews. "Fast Fact" sidebars provide statistics for each planet. Dozens of photographs and illustrations whet your students' appetites for deeper exploration. Includes cross-references to related articles and a good list of books and websites for further reading. Ages 9 to 12. 96 pages, softcover from Grolier.


Glow-in-the-Dark Solar SystemGlow-in-the-Dark Solar System
Retail Price: $22.99
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Turn your classroom into a glow-in-the-dark planetarium that's out of this world! Hang the Sun and nine planets from the ceiling, turn off the lights, and watch your students experience the mysteries of space. It's the perfect springboard for science lessons, discovery activities, and class projects. This easy-to-assemble set includes the Sun and nine planets (with attached hangers), 32 feet of clear plastic line, plus an instruction guide featuring fun, engaging facts about the solar system.


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