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Your Child: Essentials of Discipline, DVD Parenting SeminarYour Child: Essentials of Discipline, DVD Parenting Seminar
Dr. James Dobson
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Essentials of Discipline tackles the subject of discipline in a way that only Dr. James Dobson can. Based on his time-tested best sellers, you know the content has substance, but this video seminar also includes animation and man-on-the-street interviews. Lessons from Dr. Dobson have never been this fun!Experience Essentials of Discipline at your own pace with the Home Edition DVD set, featuring a convenient guide that helps you focus on key concepts while watching the DVDs. Licensed for home use only. 3 DVDs. 230 minutes.


  • Session 1: Why Your Child Needs Discipline
  • Session 2: Irresponsibility vs. Defiance
  • Session 3: Anger vs. Action
  • Session 4: Finding Balance in Discipline
  • Session 5: To Spank or Not to Spank
  • Session 6: Compliant vs. Defiant
  • Session 7: Changing Discipline as Your Child Grows, Part 1
  • Session 8: Changing Discipline as Your Child Grows, Part 2
  • Session 9: Protecting the Spirit
  • Session 10: The Strong-Willed Adolescent, Part 1
  • Session 11: The Strong-Willed Adolescent, Part 2
  • Session 12: The Ultimate Priority



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