Violet Dawn, Kanner Lake Series #1Violet Dawn, Kanner Lake Series #1
Brandilyn Collins
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From the author of the best-selling Eyes of Elisha comes a suspenseful tale of murder, the need to belong---and faith. As Paige Williams slips into her hot tub in the blackness of night, she feels something wispy brush against her. Suddenly facing death, what wrenching decision must she make about her hidden past? 352 pages, softcover from Zondervan.

 Violet Dawn Discussion Questions: by Brandilyn Collins

1) Paige Williams makes a very important decision in the early morning hours. If you were in Paige’s situation, what decision would you make?

2) Vince Edwards and Paige struggle with their own emotional scars caused by the past. How does Paige handle her scars? How does Vince handle his?

3) What does Black Mamba represent to Kanner Lake as a community?

4) The opening scenes for Violet Dawn occur in a very short period of time in the early hours of morning. Discuss the role of darkness in the lives of the main characters. What does the early morning mean to each?

5) Rachel’s story in the past is intertwined with the current events unfolding in Kanner Lake. How do the events in Rachel’s life mirror the events now happening in Kanner Lake?

6) Java Joint is the local hangout for many Kanner Lake’s residents. Discuss each regular at Java Joint. What do these characters reveal about their hometown?

7) Throughout Violet Dawn fear drives Paige’s actions. What drives Paige during the attack by Black Mamba? What does this reveal about Paige’s character?

8) Wilbur Hucks carries a scar too—a physical one. How does Wilbur handle his scar? How is this different from Paige and Vince?

9) Paige is lonely and wishes for a close friend, yet she’s so focused on hiding her own scars that she isolates herself from the friendly Kanner Lake community. Are there scars in your own past? Are you handling them in a way that hinders you from attaining the very things you desire most?

10) What does Paige learn about God? How can her lesson be applied to your life?

11) Though a less prominent character, Wilbur speaks the last line of Violet Dawn. Why are these words so fitting an ending? What is the underlying message to Paige? What does this message mean for you?


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