My Dear Young Friends: Pope John Paul II Speaks to   Teens of Life, Love, and CourageMy Dear Young Friends: Pope John Paul II Speaks to Teens of Life, Love, and Courage
Pope John Paul II
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This book invites young people to read and act on Pope John Paul II's inspiring addresses to young people gathered at annual World Youth Day celebrations. Each weekly reflection in this book contains a scriptual passage related to the theme for the week, a message from the pope, a "Think About That" section that asks the reader to ponder the pope's message, a "Take Action" section that directs the reader to act on the pope's message, and a biographical fact about the pope's life. Paperback.

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My Dear Young Friends
Pope John Paul II

Teach me to do your will.

-Psalm 143:10

“I want to invite you this year to fix your eyes on Jesus, Teacher and Lord of life.”

-Pope John Paul II, World Youth Day XII

Think About That

We tend to “fix our eyes” on things that we find attractive, right? Well, fixing our eyes on Jesus means that we find him and his ways attractive to us. By fixing our eyes on him, we can learn more about him, as we study his ways and his life.

Take Action

Do you have a crucifix or a cross in your room? If not, perhaps you might get one to hang on a wall. You also may have some other sacred object or a copy of the sacred Scriptures. Fix your eyes on this object or on the Scriptures. See Jesus before you. Ask, “What can I learn from Jesus, the teacher, today?”

Say A Prayer

Lord, help me to fix my eyes on you each day, To find you attractive so that I might live like You. Teach me your ways.