Mere Creation: Science, Faith and Intelligent DesignMere Creation: Science, Faith and Intelligent Design
William A. Dembski, ed.
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A landmark book challenging naturalistic evolution! When you're defending creationism, it's difficult for skeptics to refute the authoritative findings of Michael Behe. Dembski's cutting-edge research, along with the revelations of 19 other expert academics, presents evidence of an intelligent design that debunks evolution---and strengthens your witness of the Grand Designer to others! 448 pages, softcover from InterVarsity.

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We are now in a position to give a precise definition of mere creation. Mere creation is a four-pronged approach to defeating naturalism. The prongs are as follows:

1. A scientific and philosophical critique of naturalism, where the scientific critique identifies the empirical inadequacies of naturalistic evolutionary theories and the philosophical critique dmonstrates how naturalism subverts every area of inquiry that it touches;

2.A positive scientific research program, know as intelligent design, for investigating the effects of intelligent causes;

3. A cultural movement for systematically rethinking every field of inquiry that has been infected by naturalism, reconceptualizing it in terms of design; and

4. A sustained theological investigation that connects the intelligence inferred by intelligent design with the God of Scripture and therewith formulates a coherent theology of nature.