Revell Press Release

Grand Rapids, Mich., Sept. 1, 2006 - The thought of hosting a dinner party or even having a friend over for coffee is enough to give some women flashbacks of lopsided cakes or doomed casseroles from home ecinomics class. But opening up your home to others doesn't have to be fancy or frightening or cost a fortune, says Karen Ehman, author of A Life That Says Welcome.

"When I graduated from High school," Ehman confesses, "my culinary repertoire included boiling water, making instant coffee, and my specialty - an occasional batch of 'slice and bake' cookies." Through trial and error, she eventually learned the secrets to hospitality that any woman can use.

In this book, Ehman offers a practical, painless (no crafting or cooking aptitude required) course that helps busy women open up their hearts in order to open up their homes.

It is full of

  • Practical tips,
  • Creative ideas,
  • Delicious and simple recipes,
  • Helpful to-dos, and
  • Clear how-tos

A Life That Says Welcome shows readers that practicing hospitality is less scary and less work than they might think.



Author Information: Karen Ehman is a speaker for Hearts at Home and the coauthor of the popular Homespun Gifts from the Heart and Homespun Memories for the Heart. She lives in Michigan.