Lost In NashVegas Discussion Questions: by Rachel Hauck


1. Robin’s tried many times to perform on her home town stage, but she never makes it. What causes her to finally take center stage? What is her motivation?



2. Discuss moments in your life where fear or doubt paralyzed you. How did you overcome?



3. Robin’s sister encourages her to chase her dream. What is Robin’s secret dream? Do you have a dream?



4. Discuss dreams you have in your life. Have you let them go because of discouragement? How can you revive your dream.



5. Read Genesis 37:5. Joseph had dreams given to him by God, and these dreams kept him going in difficult times. How did Robin’s dream to be a songwriter keep her pressing past her fear?



6. If you don’t have a dream, or have let your dream die, make a commitment to seek God to give your dream new life, or give you His dream for you.



7. Robin has a situation in her life that temps her to compromise morally. What is it? And how cute is he? How is Robin’s response inspiring?



8. Discuss the scene in the Bluebird Café when Robin faced her fear.



9. What is Robin’s Nashville “day job?” How does this job impact her songwriting life?



10. Who does her sister want her to hug – if she just happens to run into him.



11. Working her day job, Robin finds a picture of her mother in an unusual place. Where? What is Robin’s response. Did it feel like a natural response to you?



12. When Lee bowed out of her life, what did you think? Was his reason legit?



13. How did you feel when Lee returned to her life? Discuss if his actions were honorable or not. How can we increase honor in our lives?



14. When Robin finally braves a Bluebird songwriter’s night, who appears as a surprise guest? Does it make Robin more nervous?



15. Discuss Robin’s reaction to the devastating news she learns after her songwriter’s night. Has something of this magnitude happened in your life? How did you respond?



16. Discuss Godly ways to respond to difficult circumstances in our lives.



17. Discuss Blaire’s journey to overcome her fear. What scripture inspired her?



18. Robin’s done a great job facing her fears until Birdie’s wedding. Discuss how it’s okay to fail and try again. How have you faced failure? Can you respond better next time?



19. In the end, Robin’s takes the stage that once scared her so much and performs with her mother. Write down one fear you will face and ask the Lord to help you conquer it with victory.



20. Make a plan to visit the Bluebird Café!





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