Sharpshooter in Petticoats Discussion Questions: by Mary Connealy


1.  Did you read the books in the Lassoed in Texas series? Do you think Mandy is true to the child she was in Petticoat Ranch? How so?


2. Did you know Tom Linscott would be the hero? Why?


3. Did you wish Sidney would have died within the pages of a book? Would you have liked to see him come to a bad end in explicit detail? Explain your feelings about his life and death.


4. Have you ever known a family with a distinctive mark like the Cooter clan’s white dash of hair? What set them apart?


5. Were you happy to see Mark Reeves, or did you assume he’d come to a bad end based on what a pill he was as a child? Describe him as a child from Calico Canyon.


6. Did you feel sorry for Emma? Were you rooting for her or Mark, and why?


7. Talk about the returning characters in this book. Could you keep them straight? Could you remember them from Calico Canyon and Gingham Mountain?


8. Did you think Mandy had too much of a cold-blooded nature? Why?


9. Did you struggle to empathize with a woman who was so deadly with a rifle? What was admirable about her?


10. Have you ever had someone on your mind so intensely that you phoned them or went to see them, only to find out they needed a friend and prayer? Do you think God talks to us in this quiet way? How so?


11. Have you ever ignored a feeling like that only to really regret it later? How could you have made a better decision and be more prepared the next time the feeling comes?




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