Bethlehem Bound Christmas Event KitBethlehem Bound Christmas Event Kit
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Create, rehearse, and present a complete Christmas play starring families in one easy event. With just one hour of rehearsal, four scenes involving everyone who attends, original script and music, Bethlehem Bound presents Jesus as the real star of Christmas. Marty and Ramona, a Bible-times couple, lead the way to Bethlehem on the night of Jesus' birth. En route, they encounter Mary and Joseph, a musical caravan, Wise Ones going to meet the baby king, harmonic angels, and shepherds with a flock of inspiring sheep-all played by families decked out with creative props they have just created.

Kit Contents:

  • 1 Director Guide with everything you need to know for planning, inviting, recruiting, and follow-up plus the entire script.
  • 4 Assistant Director Guides (one per scene) with family devotions, scene script, plus music and motions.
  • 4 Music CDs (one for each scene) containing a lyrical and an instrumental version of the original song for that scene.
  • 1 Director Media Pack with one master CD containing all the songs for the performance and one CD-ROM with downloads for publicity, decorating, registration, and follow-up.
  • Sample Pack including one of each: Comic Book; Scene Props; Wise-Ones Half Mask; Shepherd's Sheep Puppet

Notes: Bethelehem Bound has four scenes, each in its own rehearsal room where cast members learn songs, motions and make a prop. You'll need 1 hour of rehearsal and the perfromance will take about 1 hour. Three actors are needed: Marty, Ramona, and the Narrator.

The Christmas Shoppe: An Advent Experience for ChildrenThe Christmas Shoppe: An Advent Experience for Children
Daphna Flegal, Marcia Stoner
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The Christmas Shoppe is an event where your Children's Ministry children from Preschool to 6th Grade will hear the Christmas story, create Christmas gifts, and prepare their hearts to celebrate the birth of Jesus. The gifts created can be sold to support a missions or given as gifts. In six "departments" or "shops", children hear part of the Christmas story and make items for sale or gift-giving (Angel, Manger, Candy Cane, Star, Card and Bakery.) Each shop's craft activity offers easy, medium and advanced levels of creative difficulty to match all age-groups.

Choose a program format that best fits your church's needs:
1. A large one-day event from 9:00am - 3:00pm that culminates in a closing worship service and sale of the crafts for missions support.
2. A weekend event on Saturday afternoon and Sunday morning with children involved with or leading the worship service.
3. A four-week Advent study in Children's Ministry on Sundays, mid-week services or kid's club group. Content includes lighting of the Advent Wreath for use each week.

An enclosed CD-Rom provides music, PowerPoints, Bible story scripts, scripts for use during worship, and patterns for crafts. (Note: Craft patterns are also in reproducible format in the book.)



It's So Christmas-See! A Collection Of Resources For Thanksgiving And ChristmasIt's So Christmas-See! A Collection Of Resources For Thanksgiving And Christmas
Jeanne Mueller, Judith Wood, Arthur Meether
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This anthology provides a wide range of dramatic and worship material for seasonal celebrations. There are numerous Thanksgiving resources, including a children's Sunday school learning event, a children's message, a brief responsive reading, a one-act drama, and a sermon. For Christmas there are six plays of various lengths for a variety of ages and cast sizes, as well as a "hanging of the greens" worship program and an engaging story that can either be read to young children or performed as a play.

Come! See What God Has Done is designed to heighten children's awareness of God's many blessings. Six learning centers -- each featuring posters, projects, a guided experience, follow-up activities, and a closing prayer -- focus on such topics as families, nature, our religious heritage, and our bodies. Intended for kindergarten through sixth grade, this is an ideal activity for your church school and can be held during a single session.

We: Expectations: One Event for AdventWe: Expectations: One Event for Advent
Laura Keeley
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The WE Advent program gathers the entire church - across generations - for one fun event to prepare for the coming of Jesus. People of all ages work together to create a Jesse tree display that shows God's plan of salvation. The church first gathers for a meal to build community and talk about waiting for Christmas to come. Second, everyone learns from either a short 3-person drama or participates in a responsive reading before each table group studies and creates their own Jesse tree symbols. Finally, the event closes with everyone presenting their Jesse tree hanging symbols, praising God in song, and departing with take-home devotions (reproducible). Additionally, a bonus event - People of Faith - based on Hebrews 11 can be used any time of the year to explore what it means to be part of the family of faith. Plan 2+ hours when including the meal; if serving dessert only or snacks, then plan approximately 1.5 hours for the Advent event. The Expectations Advent Event CD includes Getting Started, Reproducibles & PowerPoints, plus Promotional Recources.

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