Plain and Fancy Discussion Questions: by Wanda Brunstetter

1. Laura Mead, a fancy English woman, grew up with all the modern conveniences her father could provide. Why was Laura so fascinated with the simple lifestyle of the Amish? Is this a normal reaction for someone raised with fancy things?



2. Despite the fact that Eli Yoder hadn’t yet joined the Amish church, he was true to his faith and said he was waiting for the right woman before he joined the church and got married. Why did Eli continue to see Pauline Hostetler when he saw her only as a friend?



3. Pauline was certain that she was the right woman for Eli, yet no matter how hard she tried, she couldn’t capture his full attention. Was Pauline justified in thinking she’d been jilted when Eli’s attentions turned to a fancy English woman?



4. When Laura met Eli, she couldn’t convince him to leave the Amish faith and join her in the modern English world, so she decided to join his plain lifestyle. Have you ever wanted something so much that you made a major sacrifice in order to get it? Did you feel that it was worth the sacrifice once you achieved your goal?



5. If Laura’s father preferred a more simple life, why did he become a fancy English lawyer? Have you ever done something you’d rather not do in order to please someone else? Were there repercussions, or did it work out for the best?



6. Eli’s mother wasn’t happy when Eli began dating Laura because she was afraid the fancy English woman would pull him into her modern world. How did Laura see Mary Ellen’s concern for her son? How would you react if your son or daughter became involved with someone outside your faith?



7. How did Laura change after she joined the Amish faith? Did her trials seem to strengthen her character or shatter her dreams?



8. In what ways did Eli change after he married Laura? Was Eli being unreasonable to expect Laura to care for a handicapped child?



9. Did Laura really believe she couldn’t care for her baby, or were there other reasons she wanted to put David in a special home?



10. If Eli loved Laura and wanted her to return home to him and their child, why do you think he didn’t go after her?



11. What was your favorite passage of scripture mentioned in this book, and in what way might you use it in your own life?



12. Did reading Plain and Fancy help you to have a better understanding of the Amish way of life? What else did you learn from reading this book?




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