Packin' Up and Headin' Out: Making the Most of Your College AdventurePackin' Up and Headin' Out: Making the Most of Your College Adventure
John Bowling, Jill Bowling
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Who can resist the thrill of a new beginning? Certainly not recent high school graduates. And when college looms just around the corner, there are many life changes for students to consider. This book walks freshmen through the transition from high school to college by identifying and elaborating on the four keys to making the most of the college experience. John and Jill Bowling encourage students to make a fresh start personally, academically, socially, and spiritually, and the authors give helpful and positive insights into this major life transition.

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Part 1: The College Adventure
Moving into New Territory
Successful Beginnings

Part 2: The Personal Adventure
Separating Your Past from Your Present 
Discovering Yourself
The Adventure of Managing Your
Personal Resources

Part 3: The Academic Adventure
The Importance of an Education
Building Blocks for Academic Success
You’ve Got Class!
Learning to Learn
Presenting What You’ve Learned
More Academic Notes to Remember

Part 4: The Social Adventure
A Whole New World of People
Diving into Dorm Life
Being Healthy and Wise
When Two’s Company and a 
Campus Is a Crowd
Other Campus Life Strategies

Part 5: The Spiritual Adventure
Building on a Firm Foundation

Part 6: Final Thoughts for Your Great Adventure
Prepare for an Extraordinary Trip