Don't Get Comfortable CDDon't Get Comfortable CD
Brandon Heath
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"Is it alright to say that most of the songs on my first record came from fear? More specifically, a journey through and eventually out of fear. If I've learned anything in the process of this record, whether it be writing or recording, I've learned that God is near. He has shown up in this project as He shows up in everyday life. I have nothing to fear. Not anymore, if He is present. Romans 8:31 says, 'If God is for us, who is against us? He who did not spare His own Son, but delivered Him over for us all, how will He not also with Him freely give us all things?' I draw an immense amount of peace from that scripture. I hope people are moved not only by these songs, but by the Lord who inspired them."

"'Our God Reigns' is a worship song, originally written for my church in Nashville to sing on Sundays. I consider it the highest honor to write songs for the church to sing. If a song can lead a person into the presence of God, then there is no greater reason to write."

"'Don't Get Comfortable' is a song about the life God calls us to. A life lived with Christ is not an easy one, but one that promises transformation into the very character of Jesus. Change doesn't come from complacency; it comes from dying to yourself and serving others."

"'You Decide' was collaborated with my producer and close friend, Dan Muckala. I was thinking about the high school kids I hang out with in the summer time, specifically with Young Life. Teens are growing up and making big decisions a lot quicker these days. Sooner or later, everybody has to choose their path. Not everybody gets it right. Thank God, He gave us choices. There would be nothing to own up to."

"Brandon Heath is that rare, singular combination of truly gifted singer, songwriter and musician all three in one. Helmed by his friend and mega-producer Dan Muckala (Backsteet Boys, Nick Lachey, The Afters), Heath's debut is a fine example in which the production compliments the songs rather than detracts from them… Actually all the tracks are outstanding…and believe me, that's not something I often hear myself saying." – Kristi Henson, Media Editor, CCM Magazine

"The world definitely needs more guys like Brandon Heath. His simple yet honest approach to acoustic adult contemporary music puts him amongst CCM's most treasured singer-songwriters. Don't Get Comfortable is a nice launching pad to take off into what looks like a promising career." – Jennifer Jones, The 700 Club / CBNmusic producer

"Brandon Heath is the real deal. His music is provocative and relevant, but his message is counter cultural. Pushing Christians out of their comfort zone with his lyrics and ascetic lifestyle, Brandon is a bright light in a confusing world. He is a pilgrim who seeks faith that prevails against the narcissism and uber consumerism of our age." – Tonya Stoneman, Editor, In Touch Magazine

"Heath's debut project Don't Get Comfortable is a collection of impressive and memorable pop tunes." – CHRISTIAN RETAILING (Top Pick)

"In an era where quality pop music has been overrun by clichés and neatly polished production, the arrival of newcomer Brandon Heath is beyond welcome. Not only are the chord progressions and vocal melodies fresh, the lyrical content in Don't Get Comfortable is straightforward and thought provoking…After just one listen, it's easy to forecast a long career for this gifted singer-songwriter." – Chad Bonham, Contributing Editor, New Man/Passage Magazine

"Brandon Heath, Our God Reigns is a great song that's connecting with our core listener. Put very simply, IT'S A HIT." – Bob Thornton, KXOJ/Tulsa

"Brandon Heath's Don't Get Comfortable is a radio-friendly collection of 11 perfect ballads. Almost too perfect." – RELEVENT Magazine

"Brandon Heath's debut positions him as ‘the guy to beat' for best new artist of ‘06. With a cool vibe and strong pop songs balanced with singer-songwriter smarts, Don't Get Comfortable recalls debuts from Mat Kearney, Bebo Norman, and Chris Tomlin. Definitely an artist to watch." – Beau Black, freelance music writer

"He's a sincere, earnest, soft tenor with a punchy production and an anthemic chorus…" – Robert K. Oermann, @MusicRow

"It's rare that we add a new song from an unknown (to us) artist out of the box. But the first time I heard this song, I knew it had the potential to be huge. If I were you, I would find a space for this song…now!" – Chris Crain, MD/APD, WJIE/Louisville

"The Brandon Heath record is AWESOME! I love the song "I'm Not Who I Was.'" – Mark Beyer, LifeWay Music Buyer

"With his lush vocals, Brandon's voice is not to be ignored. His music can't really be categorized. It's a beautiful mix of ‘thinking man's pop,' folk and worship, but it's his lyrics that suck you in...thought-provoking, honest, vulnerable and daring...questioning things that some of us are rarely brave enough to say aloud." – Lindsay Williams, CCM Magazine

"Our God Reigns" is a spectacular single. It's anthemic, triumphant… a classic in the making." – LIVEtheLIFE Magazine

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