Diary of an Anorexic GirlDiary of an Anorexic Girl
Morgan Menzie
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Blythe is a typical teenage girl struggling to find her place in a private suburban high school world. When her classmate Laurie begins to lose weight, Blythe's competitive spirit drives her to lose more. A sudden interest from the cutest boy in school spurs her romantic dreams on until she hits rock bottom at eighty-nine pounds. Blythe struggles with her faith in God while she's in hush-hush therapy sessions for "her issue," and she begins to recognize the sacrifices she's made for a seemingly perfect body. Through the help of her best friends, Diane and Oliver, she begins to regain the confidence to face her worst fears.

In her first published work, Morgan Menzie writes candidly and beautifully about her experience as a teen girl struggling with anorexia in this based-on-a-true-story diary.





The Veritas ConflictThe Veritas Conflict
Shaunti Feldhahn
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Claire Rivers races to the mailbox to receive a letter of acceptance to Harvard University while a heavenly battle rages. In this fast-paced, suspenseful novel, the ageless war for the hearts and minds of students on our college campuses is revealed. Conflict between unseen evil and angelic forces reflects their battle for victorious living amidst confused messages. When Claire and her roommate encounter attacks on their faith, a deeper mystery - involving Harvard's Christian heritage, the pull of money, and a dark plan for societal corruption - unfolds around them. Will they succumb to temptation and destruction? What has become of Harvard's founding motto: Veritas, Christo et Ecclesiae - "Truth for Christ and the Church?" Can Claire - with other praying students and their parents - counteract the forces of humanism and relativism...and what will it cost them to do so?


The SlideThe Slide
Catherine Farnes
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Catherine Farnes doesn't shy away from the deep issues faced by today's teens. Instead, she is motivated to write realistic stories about the challenges they face.

Taren's only memories of her father are of lost years and rejection, but she never realizees how comfortable she has become without him until he re-enters her life. Suddenly she is confronted with major issues: forgiveness, reconciliation, and change.

See how Taren wrestles with these feelings in a new Christian fiction adventure by Farnes for young adults.






The Enemy Has a FaceThe Enemy Has a Face
Gloria D. Miklowitz
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Fourteen-year-old Netta Hofman wakes one morning to find that her older brother did not come home the night before. Having just moved from Israel to Los Angeles, the family of seventeen-year-old Adam is stunned and baffled by his disappearance. Could he have run away with a girl he met on-line? Was he abducted for ransom? Or, is it possible that Palestinian terrorism is to blame--revenge for his Israeli father's work? When Netta makes a new and unlikely friend at school, an Arab boy named Laith, she begins addressing issues of prejudice--her classmates prejudice against foreign students, her own prejudice against Palestinians, and her family's growing suspicion that Palestinian hatred of Israelis is behind Adam's disappearance. Gloria Miklowitz explores issues of Middle Eastern relationships through the eyes of young people on both sides of the age-old conflict. Recommended for ages 12 and up.


A Heart Set FreeA Heart Set Free
David Leyden
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Experience the joy and wonder of becoming a Christian as a brokenhearted teenager discovers God's love. Rachel was angry with God for allowing her father to die, but a visit from a heavenly stranger changed everything. Share in Rachel's experience as she discovers answers to questions that trouble many people in today's confusing world: Why should I believe in God? What will happen to me after I die? What is heaven like? How can I be certain I am going to heaven? Spend some time with this book and you will experience for yourself the joy of a heart set free. 212 pages, softcover.

The TheftThe Theft
Betty Gaard
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Young adults will keep pace alongside Mike Prickett's life as a Christian teen. He's a tennis star, but low history grades threaten to cut him and his friends from the tennis team. When an impulsive act gets the boys in trouble, Mike wants to confess--eventually. But in the meantime, his father makes a shocking announcement. 190 pages, softcover.


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