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Not content to sit still, in his creative processes or in his relationships, GRAMMY-winning singer/songwriter/producer Michael W. Smith challenges listeners to find their own calls to respond, within the content of his latest album Stand.

Through his church work away from the public spotlight, amid the new interaction that having children growing into young adulthood brings, and in the viewing of a world crying out for answers, Smith takes a stand and asks listeners to join him. Stand issues a call.

“It is a call to stand outside of the walls of the church, rubbing shoulders with the lost,” Michael says of the new project. “It is a call to stand because you’ve captured a glimpse of something so powerful you cannot stay seated. It is a call to stand for the One who gave it all.”
Stand releases to retail through Smith’s longtime label home Reunion Records and also marks a number of creative firsts for the veteran artist.

  • It’s the first project on which Smith hasn’t served in a lone-production capacity, turning to seasoned producer Matt Bronleewe to craft the overall direction of the tracks.
  • It’s the first studio project where Smith has recorded songs he hasn’t written or co-written, turning to collaborators such as Bronleewe, longtime friend Amy Grant, fast-rising songwriter Leeland Mooring and even his own son Tyler Smith for contributions.
  • It’s the fastest-paced production effort Smith has been involved with, 40 days from start to finish, necessitated by the early 2006 Smith experienced as he promoted The Second Chance, his acting debut in a feature film.
  • Michael has never issued a call like this before. He’s challenged us to “Live the Life” and has inspired us through albums including, “This is Your Time” and “Healing Rain.” For years, he has led us in worship – but he has never said, “I’m taking a stand. Will you join me?”

  • While Stand inspires listeners toward a love-centered purpose, the record crescendos by hitting a worshipful attitude along side its central message. The move stands for Smith's belief that in worship believers gain strength for accomplishing God's work, as exemplified in "Be Lifted High" and "Oh Lord You're Beautiful," made popular by the late singer/songwriter Keith Green. In kind, the ballad "Grace" is psalm-like in tone and uplifting in spirit. Written by Martin Smith (Delirious), the song returns thanks to God for blessing us with His empowering spirit in spite of our foolish and fickle ways.

    On seven of the record's 11 tracks, Smith invested extensively in 18-year-old songwriter Leeland Mooring, frontman from the new Essential Records rock band Leeland. Michael, who has long mentored up-and-coming acts, says, "This kid's special. Somehow he's tapped into the heartbeat of God. There's no doubt to me Leeland is destined for greatness." The pop hit "Escape Your Love" is one fruit of that collaboration. A hooky, romantic lyric celebrating relationships, the light-hearted, closing track was co-written by Mooring and Tyler Smith, Michael's son. It honors the 25 years of marriage Michael celebrated recently with his wife, Debbie. Other Mooring standouts include "Cover Me," "Come to the Cross," and "Open Arms."

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