Your Money After the Big 5-0: Wealth for the Second Half of LifeYour Money After the Big 5-0: Wealth for the Second Half of Life
Larry Burkett, Ron Blue, Jeremy White CPA
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It was really cold that day, the kind where the January wind just cuts right through you—especially when you’re already feeling hopeless and scared.

You have to get this picture in your head: I was pumping gas into my Jaguar, while at the same time I was wondering if my credit card would be denied when I went inside to pay. I thought to myself the same thing you’re thinking now: “This is ridiculous! Only in America could I stand here freezing to death, filling up a Jag with gas that I’m not sure I can pay for!” I was at the bottom that day, very close to losing everything. And when I finally went completely broke, I hit rock bottom. Hard.

Well, that was twenty years ago. And today I can tell you the wind has stopped blowing. In fact, the sun is out and the flowers are blooming. I not only recovered but have prospered beyond my wildest dreams. And the reason I’m telling you this is because the men who wrote the book you’re holding right now are the same ones who led me out of the cold. They introduced me to biblical truths that enabled me not only to survive but to actually build wealth. Larry Burkett and Ron Blue’s teaching on biblical finance has changed the lives and family trees of millions of people like me—literally!—because when God’s truth intersects your life, it will rock your world. It works.

When I first read Ron and Larry’s books, I had a spiritual experience. Not a salvation experience—I’d already had that! The big-time revelation I got from reading their books on money was this: God’s a whole lot smarter than I am!

I already knew that intellectually, of course, but I wasn’t acting that way at the time. I was handling money the way my broke finance professor said to do it. I wasn’t listening and applying tough biblical truths to my life. But when I finally surrendered my so-called intellect and gave it all over to God in faith, I began to win—not quickly like the hare but slow and steadily like the tortoise.

And now with this book, Ron and Larry (with Jeremy White’s help) continue their legacy of changing lives like mine. Larry Burkett’s steady and unwavering pursuit of the truth made him an icon on the face of finance forever. We’ve missed Larry so much since he went to be with the Lord in 2003. This book was one of his last writing projects, which makes it very important. Ron Blue has become sort of a “chairman of the board” for those of us who teach God’s ways of handling money. He’s devoted the balance of his life to making sure believers understand the importance of a biblical worldview in fleshing out their retirement and estate planning. I am honored to call Ron friend.

So what does Your Money After The Big 5-0 have for you? It could be simply some great suggestions and principles you’ve never considered before. But if you’re anything like me, it will lead you to a deeper understanding of the biblical view of money. And like I said, that’s sure to rock your world!

Enter this book with caution. It may look like just another money book, but I can assure you it has generational implications. To God be the glory!

Dave Ramsey
Brentwood, Tennessee
Best-Selling Author and Radio Host