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For the Life of the WorldFor the Life of the World
Alexander Schmemann
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How can liturgy express an entire worldview? In this penetrating, much-quoted work, Schmemann sees worship as an act of reality that has cosmic, historical, and eschatological dimensions. He outlines the implications of the incarnation, resurrection, Eucharist, baptism, and collective prayer---for all humanity. 151 pages, softcover.

Celebration of Faith: I Believe - Volume 1Celebration of Faith: I Believe - Volume 1
Alexander Schmemann
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Celebration of Faith: I Believe is a remarkable collection of Fr. Alexander Schmemann's sermons delivered over many years by way of Radio Liberty to listeners in the Soviet Union. Selected from over 3000 sermons, the first of which, under the title The Celebration of Faith, employs themes of faith, revelation, and the Nicene Creed as the symbol of faith. Though generally directed towards those in the church, these talks are unique in that they speak also to those outside of the church, as well as to those with little experience in the religious community. Fr. Alexander's only assumption is that he is speaking to those who have a spiritual thirst, a yearning for something indefinable that calls them out of themselves. And in speaking to non-religious "seekers," he also reaches religious sojourners who are seeking to grow in faith, life and in the understanding of God's revelation through Christ and through the Church.

Introduction to Liturgical TheologyIntroduction to Liturgical Theology
Alexander Schmemann
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Father Schmemann's Introduction to Liturgical Theology is a historical, critical and masterful introduction to the study of modern Orthodox liturgics and theology. Deeply invigorated by figures in Western Christian thought, Schmemann brings to the Western discussion on Christian unity, the question of papal supremacy, questions on how to bring the gospel to a post-Christian world and the ultimate relevance of the Church to a world in revolution. Further, Father Schmemann examines the purpose of liturgical theology and notes how the dynamic realism found in the Eucharistic liturgy, has been obscured through popular liturgical piety, noting how the latter has devolved from the ninth through the twelfth century.


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