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Alpha for Catholics Introductory DVDAlpha for Catholics Introductory DVD

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Alpha for Catholics refers to the use of the Alpha course within the Catholic Church. Alpha is compatible with Catholic teaching, but it does not present wholly Catholic issues. It assumes that follow-up teachings will be offered to Catholics and those wishing to become Catholic.
This 12 minute video contains interviews with numerous people who have led and/or attended an Alpha course in their Catholic Church. It contains interviews with a pastor and DRE (Director of Religious Education). The DRE remarks how Alpha has (1) drawn people in better than other courses, (2) provided growth in faith to churchgoers, and (3) provided growth in the comfort level of talking about God with others. The video provides insight on how the Alpha course has positively impacted the parish, the people who attended Alpha and outreach to the unchurched.

The Alpha Course in a Catholic Context: An Introductory GuideThe Alpha Course in a Catholic Context: An Introductory Guide
Nicky Gumbel

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Started as an outreach from Holy Trinity Church in Brompton, England it has spread as a tool to reach both Protestants and Catholics for Christ by presenting the basic beliefs of Christianity in a non-threatening fellowship setting. This booklet provides commentary by Catholic leaders on how great is the effect of the Alpha program in revival of the Catholic Church.



God Who Changes Lives: The American CollectionGod Who Changes Lives: The American Collection
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In their own compelling words, a wide variety of people tell the stories of their lives and how they have been transformed - often in dramatic circumstances - through an encounter with God. Some have been healed, some powerfully changed and other given the strength to face troubled times. This is a book for anyone interested in what God can do to change people's lives.

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