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Three Treatises on the Divine Images (Popular Patristics)Three Treatises on the Divine Images (Popular Patristics)
John of Damascus
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Is all Christian art fundamentally blasphemous? That was the question posed aggressively by the Christian iconoclasts of the eighth century in a bitter controversy. The resounding answer, "No" from John of Damascus helped to secure the future of art in the service of Christ. Without his brilliant defense, both profound and at times earthly, we might well have had no icons, murals, and mosaics in churches to elevate and enrich our spirits. This fresh and complete translation, by a distinguished patristic scholar, of John's three treatises on the divine images shows us the issues at stake both then and now. Professor Louth places all of us who care about them in his debt.

On the Dormition of Mary: Early Patristic Homilies (Popular Patristics)On the Dormition of Mary: Early Patristic Homilies (Popular Patristics)
Brian E. Daley
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Since the time of the early Church, Orthodox Christians have honored Mary, the Mother of God, with special solemnity on August 15. From the sixth century on, that celebration has been explicitly associated with her death, as the culmination of a human life uniquely "full of grace," uniquely involved in the Mystery of our salvation and transformation in Christ. This volume brings together the earliest attempts by Greek theologians and preachers to interpret Mary's Dormition, or "falling asleep" in the Lord, in the light of the whole Paschal Mystery. In addition to the sermon of Bishop John of Thessalonica, the earliest "official" retelling by an Orthodox bishop of the traditional narrative of Mary's entry into heavenly glory, the collection includes eleven other homilies from the seventh and eighth centuries, as well as a metrical translations of St John of Damascus' canon for the feast.


The Greek Fathers: Their Lives and AdventuresThe Greek Fathers: Their Lives and Adventures
Adrian Fortescue
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Perhaps you have a vague idea of who the early church fathers were, or you've read excerpts from their writings. But how much do you know about their lives? Fortescue vividly sketches in what is known about Athanasius, Basil, Gregory Nazianzus, Chrysostom, Cyril of Jerusalem, Cyril of Alexandria, John of Damascus. 255 pages, softcover. Ignatius.

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