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The Life of St. Benedict by Gregory the Great: Translation and CommentaryThe Life of St. Benedict by Gregory the Great: Translation and Commentary
Terrence G. Kardong
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In his classic Second Book of Dialogues, Pope Gregory the Great lionizes Saint Benedict as hero and casts him predominantly in the role of miracle worker. Yet in his Rule, Benedict comes across more as a practical community organizer and premier spiritual father. In this volume, Terrence Kardong offers a fresh take on Gregory the Great's classic. He alternates between translated sections of the Dialogues and his own commentary. Crisp and direct, and infused with his wry and ever-present sense of humor, Kardong's writing is sure to build up the spiritual life of readers and, equally important, to make them love St. Benedict. Paperback.

The Book of Pastoral Rule  (Popular Patristics)The Book of Pastoral Rule (Popular Patristics)
Saint Gregory the Great
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The Book of Pastoral Rule thorough work of its kind from the patristic era. Gregory addresses the proper selection of clergy; the kind of life one should lead as the shepherd of souls; ways of discerning and healing sin in various types of personalities; and the need to be on guard against egotism and ambition.

About the Popular Patristics Series
The Popular Patristics series published by St. Vladimir's Seminary Press provides readable and accurate translations of a broad range of early Christian literature to a wide audience--from students of Christian history to lay Christians reading for spiritual benefit.

Recognized Patristic scholars provide short but comprehensive and clear introductory essays according to their specializations for each volume.

Texts include classics of Christian literature, thematic volumes, homily collections, letters, spiritual guidance, and poetical works from a wide variety geographical contexts and historical backgrounds. The purpose of the series is to mine the riches of the early church and to make these invaluable writings available to all.

Eschatology and Pain in St. Gregory the Great: The Christological Synthesis of Gregory's 'Morals on the Book of Job'Eschatology and Pain in St. Gregory the Great: The Christological Synthesis of Gregory's 'Morals on the Book of Job'
Kevin Hester

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Eschatology and Pain in St. gregory the Great seeks to demonstrate that Gregory's spirituality forms and is formed by his theology and especially his understanding of the person and work of Christ. His spirituality is that of a contemplative looking for Christ and finding him in the pain of this world. Gregory's theological emphases of the experience of pain and eschatology found in his Moralia in Iob find their connection in his Christology. In contemplative union with Christ the pain of this life will make sense and in the last judgment the great mystery of the divine purpose will be revealed.

Pastoral Care (Ancient Christian Writers)Pastoral Care (Ancient Christian Writers)
St. Gregory the Great
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St. Gregory the Great, Pope from 590 BC, was the fourth and last of the traditional Latin "Doctors of the Church" and father of the medieval papacy. This is an English transla tion of his work, PASTORAL CARE (also known as PASTORAL RULE). In it Gregory seeks to outline the duties of the shepherd of souls. He gives attention to matters of behavior, spiritual advice, administration and organization. He is particularly concerned with the pastor as the speaker of the Word, a spiritual model who preaches to Christians in his care by word and deed. Annotated. The Ancient Christian Writers series features translations of the works of the Fathers.

Gregory the GreatGregory the Great
Carole Straw

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Gregory I (590-604) is often considered the first medieval pope and the first exponent of a truly medieval spirituality. Carole Straw places Gregory in his historical context and considers the many facets of his personality--monk, preacher, and pope--in order to elucidate the structure of his thought and present a unified, thematic interpretation of his spiritual concerns.

Gregory the Great and his WorldGregory the Great and his World
R.A. Markus

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R. A. Markus's new and accessible work is the first full study of Gregory the Great since that of F. H. Dudden (1905) to deal with Gregory's life and work as well as with his thought and spirituality. With his command of Gregory's works and of the entire Latin tradition from which he cam, Markus portrays vividly the daily problems of one of the most attractive characters of the age. Gregory's culture is described in the context of the late Roman educational background and in the context of previous patristic tradition. Markus seeks to understand Gregory as a cultivated late Roman aristocrat converted tot he ascetic ideal, caught in the tension between his attraction to the monastic vocation and his episcopal ministry, at a time of catastrophic change in the Roman world. The book deals with every aspect of his pontificate: as bishop of Rome, as landlord of the Church lands, in his relations to the Empire, and to the Western Germanic kingdoms in Spain, Gaul, and, especially, his mission to the English. Thus this book promises to be a major contribution to the study of late antique society.

The Growth of Mysticism: Gregory the Great Through the 12th CenturyThe Growth of Mysticism: Gregory the Great Through the 12th Century
Bernard McGinn

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(PUBCrossroad)Now in softcover! "No one will be able to write on Christian mysticism without taking this extraordinary book into account. McGinn has written the most important synoptic, single-author presentation of the Western mystical tradition in any language in this century,"---Theological Studies. 560 pages, softcover.

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